How the US helped turn Iraq into an Al Qaeda haven in just 53 steps

Global Post: Here’s the short version: The United States invaded Iraq in 2003, claiming that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had both weapons of mass destruction and connections to Al Qaeda. He had neither. Today, both Saddam Hussein and the United States are gone from Iraq. In their place? Al Qaeda.

This week, an Al Qaeda splinter group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) seized the country’s second-largest city — Mosul — and several other towns. Latest reports have the militant group at the gates of Baghdad.

With US-trained Iraqi security forces now frantically fleeing the arrival of the ISIL militants — who are so extreme even Al Qaeda couldn’t hang with them, causing the two groups to split — and a central government in total disarray, it’s looking bleak. Someone call the Coalition of the Willing!

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  1. Tony Blair said that the terrible situation in Iraq was not due to the Iraq war instigated by the UK and USA. Since he lied about the weapons of mass destruction and about Saddam’s involvement with Al Qaida, means that he is lying now as well. So what he really means is that if they had left Saddam alone, over 100,000 Iraqis would still be alive and the present extremely serious situation would not have come into existence

  2. The present crisis is due to Al-Maliki’s exclusion of Sunnis in the government & incompetence of his army.

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