Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar Laid to Rest in Maple Cemetery in Canada

Vaughan, Ontario June 4, 2014

Courtesy: Zakaria Virk, the Muslim Times’ Editor for Canada

Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar was killed in Rabwah Pakistan, by anti-Ahmadiyya forces. He had gone there to serve all patients, in Tahir Heart Institute, regardless of religion or sect, as a Cardiologist, on volunteer basis.

His coffin was wrapped in both Canadian and USA flags, he grew up in Canada and now worked in USA

His coffin was wrapped in both Canadian and USA flags, he grew up in Canada and now worked in USA

His body was flown to Canada for burial, where most of his family members live.

Friends taking pictures of the grave after the burial

Friends taking pictures of the grave after the burial

Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar was laid to rest in Maple Cemetery this afternoon. His funeral prayers took place yesterday at Baitul Islam Mosque attended by 3500-4000 people, of which more than 500 came from USA.

Baitul Islam Mosque, Canada

Baitul Islam Mosque, Canada

The funeral prayer was led by National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Canada, Lal Khan Malik.

People gathered outside the mosque for the funeral prayer

People gathered outside the mosque for the funeral prayer

Before the funeral prayer Dr Mehdi Ali body, draped in US and Canadian flags, was placed in Tahir Hall. Throngs of people gathered outside the hall, entry was from one door and exit from the other.

For additional pictures, please click here

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11 replies

  1. Dr. Mehdi Ali,even in his shahadat became a source of further publiity and preaching. One of our ahmdi poet has well said (forgot his name) in Urdu:

    jahan jahan par KALI shaheed ki tumne
    wahan wahan par nikal kar GULAB aain hain

  2. May Allah elevate the shaheed’s status to the highest level and give patience to his world wide family of Ahmadi Muslim brothers & sisters, Ameen.
    Thank you TMT for a detailed coverage.

  3. May Allah accept and admit him into aljana fridaos and grant him the highest status in heaven.May Allah give the bereaved family fortitude and succour to bear the loss and take special care of the wife and children Dr. Mehdi left behind.

    My heartfelt condolences also go to our Huzoor(aba).May Allah be with him and be his helper.Ameen

  4. A beutiful personality of Dr.Mahdi Ali shaheed.I
    remember once i went with my wife to visit his father in Rabwah ,when ch.Farzand Ali sahib was
    very sick,i saw young Mahdi was taking care of his
    father and helping his mother.He always was smiling
    He visited his homeland to help the needy and poor
    people,but very sad thing hapend.May Allah taala
    give him the highest place in the jannatulfirdous.
    ameen.And may He be protactor of his wife and
    childrens and patence to all family members.ameen.

  5. Dr.Mehdi Ali Shaheed may Allah grant him high statice in peradise and May Allah give company of Hazrat promised Massih Alahsalam and companians of Promised Massiah Alehsalam.I know him very well in my Muhallah Galamandi Rabwah.He was very quite and humble and always help to needy people just like his father Ch.Fazand Ali Sahib mmarhum.May Allah give Sabre Jameel to all his family members.Amin

  6. وه جو دروازهءِ بهشت به تها
    وه تها مهدى على قمر ميرا

    دل تو ها تهون مين تهام ركهاt تها
    جهلنى جهلنى هُوا جكٓر ميرا

    جو هُوا هي وُه هو بيان كيسي
    نُطق. ، ناكام ، سر بسر ، ميرا

    حرف ، الفاظ مين دْ هلين كيسي
    خامه ، خُون سي هي تر بتر ميرا

    آوُ لو كَو ، كه بٍِهر نه ديكهو كَي
    يه. هي ، مهدى على قمر ميرا

    احقرا لعباد
    عبدالشكُور ، كليو ليندْ ، أوهايو
    USA 6-6-2014

  7. دل تو هات هون مين تهام ركبها تها
    جهلنى. جهلنى. هُوا جكَر ميرا


    This is a little correction in pre post, thx
    Abdul Shakoor

  8. dr mehdi has been my student in Taimul Islam College, a well behaved, ever smiling face.

    now he rests in peace with his Creator, that is a matter of solace for my grieving heart.

    Dear Dr mehdi, you lived in my prayers now you live in my heart……..

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