Accept Ahmadiyya and go to Jail?


(Beirut) – Saudi authorities should immediately release two citizens held without charge for two years because of their religious beliefs, Human Rights Watch said today. Officials arrested Sultan al-`Anzi, 33, and Sa`ud al-`Anzi, 35, on May 14, 2012, and have not responded to multiple requests from Human Rights Watch and an organization for the Ahmadiyya Muslim religious group for information on their whereabouts and condition.

Activists with knowledge of the case say that the two men had adopted the Ahmadiyya interpretation of Islam. Saudi religious authorities encouraged them to abandon their belief, and three months later, officials detained them. Human Rights Watch wrote to King Abdullah on August 13, 2012, urging him to order the men’s release, but received no response.

“Not only have Saudi authorities interfered with the personal beliefs of these two men, but they’ve left them sitting in jail for two years in legal limbo with no end in sight,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “The kingdom’s repression of religious dissidents stains its human rights record.”


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    Saudi Arabia should learn from America.
    about 85 % of America population are Christian,
    but they do not want to create Christian state
    Christian and Islamic state will treat people differently, and there is no justice for all.
    Actually, Allah never commanded all prophets to create religious state. Because Allah allows to have many religion and many nations.
    So Allah want a neutral state, where State and religious institution are separated..
    as long as Saudi Arabia treat people differently, and punish those who do not follow their belief, Allah will bring to Saudi Arabia disgrace and disaster soon or later.
    Justice for All, is tenet of Islam teaching.QS 60;8.
    Religious freedom is also tenet of Islamic teaching.Qs 2;256, Qs 10;90.
    May Allah guide king Abdullah to reform,or to correct old interpretation of Islam to Modern interpretation according to the progress of technology,science and information.
    If King Abdullah can follow a Role model of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and treat all people FAIRLY, he will be excelelent reformer, a peacemaker in 21st century,his Legacy will be remembered for ever by International communities.
    With all my love

  2. He will listen only those words ensuring his crown. Rest he will not. Your wish is noble but for king of KSA is like wishful thiniking.

  3. Except a miracle happens I do not see Saudi King listening to Huzur aqdas simply because he wants to remain in power. Was is it not the forefathers of these elements who tormented Muhammad (saw)? These pseudo custodians of Islam will not listen until there befalls them what befell Pharaoh arising from the dua of Musa (a.s.)

    Would that they would hear the Caller calling them unto Faith! Whether they like it or not Allah will perfect His light.

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