Holy Qur’an in Luganda Language – The Message to Mankind from Allah, the Almighty

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  1. If you have never ACCEPTED Jesus Christ as your LORD and the SAVOUR of your life when you die you will go to hell. Because there is no any other Name that was given to mankind that can Save accept Jesus. So be waned!!!

    • Alhamdolillah. All praise is due to Allah. You say that God gave inherited sin to mankind and then sacrificed his one and only son to take away the sin which He gave us in the first place. Well, actually, do you not think that: (1) God could have NOT given us the original sin and then He would not have had to sacrifice His one and only son. Or (2) He could just say: “I forgive you”. Sorry, but my personal opinion is that Islam is so much more logical than your teaching of Jesus Christ’s ‘sacrifice’. Sorry for you …

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