India: Ahmadiyya Mission House in Hyderabad Attacked during Friday Prayers!

News Courtsey: Shahid Parvez

Dated: May 9, 2014

One of our Mission Houses in Hyderabad, India was attacked today during Friday Prayers!


About 30+ miscreants barged into the mission house located at Basharat Nagar near Falaknuma and beat up the Mualim incharge of the center Mv. Imran Sb (From Orissa).

Moulvi Sahab was hit all over the body with a cricket bat until he fell unconscious. He was immediately rushed to a hospital.

The opponents also attacked his home, destroyed MTA Dish antenna and other articles, burnt Jama’at’s books from the library and desecrated the photo of the Promised Messiah (as).

Another report suggests the attackers were drunk.

Police reached the mission and FIRs (First Information Reports) have been registered from both sides!!

It is a Muslim Dominated Locality and they alleged that our Mualim and members of the Jamaat were spreading wrong Faith which is contrary to Islam in the locality.

We request everyone to remember all Ahmadi Muslims of Hyderabad in your prayers…  this city seems on the way to become another Pakistan, with Taliban hues and colors!

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  1. India is a secular country and no body has a right to take the law into their own hands, desecrate the places of worship and man handle peace loving people. Authorities should take serious action against these hooligans and bring peace in the locality.

    K K Badruddin

  2. May Allah protect our beloved members in the subcontinent and other parts of the world. Truth will eventually prevail no matter what anyone do or say.
    It is my prayer also, that Allah grant quick recovery to the injured.

  3. What are this hooligans doing against tge christians,jews and the pagans. The truth will reign insha Allah

  4. Sure, the damage to Ahamadiya Muslim Mission is

    done by fellow Muslims only, not Hindus. Abrahamic religion and its descendants Judaism, Chrstianity and Islam claims that their sect alone is true .pro.Mohammed claimed every religion all over the world is out of date and the teachings and practices he taught based on his intutition in Arabic culture mould, is valid. Xianity has gone to more than 100 sects similarly Islam . One sect asserts that their sect alone is true. Hence the clash. unless this claim to superiority is abandoned, we could hardly arrest violence.
    Ahamadiya community claims superiority which I do not like. Swami Vivekananda says ” Every religion – church- Jamat – has produced men and women of most exalted character.

  5. Yes, Dr. sb., while your swamijee, Vivekananda is right, our Jama’at is also right in that, we believe that God is One and therefore cannot be sending conflicting messages to his Creation (us).

    We, Ahmadis, believe that He sent messengers to every people which were valid for that time and place and had the followers of all those messengers followed their messengers faithfully, they would have automatically believed in the final revelation – the Holy Qur’an brought by the last Law Giving Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    The problems have arisen due to the messages of all these previous messengers having been distorted through time. Since none of these revelations were for all times and climes like the Holy Qur’an, they did get distorted over time. We also believe that even in their present context, they do carry a lot of truth, but, the final revelation, the holy Qur’an, contains all of the teachings of previous scriptures that was valid and discarded what would not have been relevant for ALL people everywhere.

    This is because, the original messages were only for a particular place and time and therefore would not be practical once Mankind evolved and developed through time.

    Re our Jama’at – the Promised Messiah had to come from among the Muslims as they are the ones who were the recipients of the final Book. But, the teachings of that too, over time got distorted creating umpteen sects among the Muslims. This despite following One Book and the final Law Giving Prophet (pbuh).

    As you’ve observed, and your own beliefs tell you, that somebody is being awaited to unite the human race towards the end of time. Hence, the Promised Messiah is this man, we Ahmadis believe.

    He came to bring the various sects of Muslims back to the original teachings of the Qur’an and the ways of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He had also mentioned that he was the last ‘avatar’ that the Hindus had been waiting for towards the end of time.

    Maybe you should read a little bit more about what our Jama’at believes in…. For that please visit

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