A Compliment in Disguise: The Muslim Times Continues to be Banned in Pakistan


So go on reminding; surely, reminding is profitable. (Al Quran 87:10)

The white stripe in Pakistan flag is supposed to represent minorities, who have very little stake, now, in the present day Pakistan

The white stripe in Pakistan flag is supposed to represent minorities, who have very little stake, now, in the present day Pakistan

By Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

As of 7th of June, 2013, the Muslim Times has been banned in parts of Pakistan.  When the readers try to log in, instead of our content, they read, ”The website is not accessible. The site contains content that is prohibited for viewership from within Pakistan.”

I keep receiving testimony from Pakistan, every so often, through emails from readers that the Muslim Times is not accessible to them through regular means.

One reader in the comments in one of the previous  posting of this article said:

By installation of any software like ” HOTSPOT SHIELD” etc you can easily open http://www.themuslimtimes.org
Our world is a global village. No one can ban any thing. You can only close your eyes and ears but cannot ban, especially the Truth has to spread one way or the other.

The Muslim Times stands for the religious freedom of every human being, for Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood and for Separation of Mosque-Church and State, in every country of the world.  Pakistan Government did not say for which of these aspirations, they have chosen to ban us.

At any rate, we in the Muslim Times, take it as a compliment in disguise.  Pakistan has moved us from the stage of ‘ignore,’ to ‘ridicule.’  Mahatma Gandhi, the great sage from India, once remarked, about political oppressors:

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

Many of the other news sites, like CNN, Yahoo and the Huffington Post, every so often, indulge in frivolous and obscene and the Muslim Times never does that.  Notwithstanding our principled publication history, Pakistan Government has singled out the Muslim Times, for the honor of being banned.

In some ways they have gone against their own policies as documented in Wikipedia:

In April 2003 the PTCL announced that it would be stepping up monitoring of pornographic websites. “Anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous” sites were also monitored.[4] In early March 2004, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) ordered Internet service providers (ISPs) to monitor access to all pornographic content.

We, in the Muslim Times, pray to Almighty Allah that let this trial imposed on us, by the myopic Pakistan Government, be a source of more and better readers.  May His decree enable our readers outside Pakistan to share our worth while content with their friends and family, in Pakistan, through email, phone and other means.

Commneters have suggested other means to overcome this shortsightedness of Pakistan Government.  For example, one of them wrote:

I can access MT on Wi-Tribe in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Another reader wrote:

TMT is banned here in Rabwah too I’m opening it via spotflux . It can also opened by other proxys.

For comments in the original posting and how to overcome the problem, click here.

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2 replies

  1. Pakistan’s reaction is like trying to stop the Rising Tide!
    Be rest assured that the Tide of True Islam, Ahmadiyyat, is on the Rise and no obstacle will stand in its way. Just as the rising tide engulfed Pharaoh and his forces in trying to chase Prophet Moses (alaihis salaam), so shall the new Rising Tide engulf all that stands in its way.
    No power on earth and no obstacle can ever stop or retard the work of the ardent follower of our beloved Holy Prophet, Muhammad(PBUH), the Promised Messiah and Mahdi (alaihis salaam). They can stop websites and kill Ahmadis but cannot stop the Advance of Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam!
    Obstacles are only placed against something one fears will attack and overtake them!
    It is obvious that those who fear the Truth are the ones creating these obstacles but there is no obstacle which stopped the progress of Allah Ta’ala’s people.
    We only need to seek solace and Guidance from our Beloved Creator.
    ‘There is always ease after hardship!!’
    Onward we advance!

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