Vatican ‘must immediately remove’ child abusers – UN


Then We caused Our Messengers to follow in their (Noah and Abraham) footsteps; and We caused Jesus, son of Mary, to follow them, and We gave him the Gospel. And We placed in the hearts of those who accepted him compassion and mercy. But monasticism which they invented for themselves — We did not prescribe it for them — for the seeking of Allah’s pleasure; but they did not observe it with due observance. Yet We gave those of them who believed their due reward, but many of them are rebellious. (Al Quran 57:28)



Source: BBC
Vatican officials were questioned in December over why the Holy See would not open its files on priests known to be child abusers

The UN has demanded that the Vatican “immediately remove” all clergy who are known or suspected child abusers, in a report released on Wednesday.

The UN watchdog for children’s rights denounced the Holy See for adopting policies allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children.

It heavily criticised the Vatican’s attitudes towards homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

The Vatican has set up a commission to fight child abuse in the Church.

It is expected to issue a statement on the report later on Wednesday.

The committee’s recommendations are non-binding and there is no enforcement mechanism.

‘Offenders’ mobility’

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Catholic Church abuse scandals

  • Germany – A priest, named only as Andreas L, admitted in 2012 to 280 counts of sexual abuse involving three boys over a decade
  • United States – Revelations about abuses in the 1990s by two Boston priests, Paul Shanley and John Geoghan, caused public outrage
  • Belgium – The bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, resigned in April 2010 after admitting that he had sexually abused a boy for years
  • Italy – The Catholic Church in Italy admitted in 2010 that about 100 cases of paedophile priests had been reported over 10 years
  • Ireland – A report in 2009 found that sexual and psychological abuse was “endemic” in Catholic-run industrial schools and orphanages for most of the 20th century

In its report, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) said the Holy See should open its files on members of the clergy who “concealed their crimes” so that they can be held accountable.

The committee said it was gravely concerned that the Holy See has not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed.

In the report, the committee expressed its “deepest concern about child sexual abuse committed by members of the Catholic churches who operate under the authority of the Holy See, with clerics having been involved in the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children worldwide”.

It also lambasted the “practice of offenders’ mobility”, referring to the transfer of child abusers from parish to parish within countries, and sometimes abroad.

The committee said this practice places “children in many countries at high risk of sexual abuse, as dozens of child sexual offenders are reported to be still in contact with children”.

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3 replies

  1. Vatican turns to “its religious freedom” to protect itself from UN abuse accusation.
    Ref.: “Vatican ‘must immediately remove’ child abusers – UN” BBC Feb 5, 2014
    “….The UN watchdog for children’s rights denounced the Holy See for adopting policies which allowed priests to sexually abuse thousands of children.
    ….But the Vatican said that…”it regrets to see…an attempt to interfere with Catholic Church teaching on the dignity of human person and in the exercise of religious freedom” and “reiterates its commitment to defending and protecting the rights of the child… according to the moral and religious values offered by Catholic doctrine”.
    ….Barbara Blaine, president of a group representing US victims of abuse by priests, told the BBC that the UN report “reaffirms …and shows that the Vatican has put the reputation of Church officials above the protection of children.”
    WHICH BELIEF does the Vatican ( the church of general values of Rome) turn to for protection?…..they have confessed that it is its exercise of religious freedom….its freedom of self-rights……It does that which is right in its own eyes. It believes that it is right to protect itself and its pedophile priests. It believes in its self-interest…to serve and magnify the “self” (XES).
    Keep in mind that the “pedophile priests” are just the tip of the iceberg.….how about the protection of?….the priests that fornicate with “of age girls”, with married women, with prostitutes, that have caused abortions, that fornicate with other men, that are corrupt for money, that are corrupt for political power, that lie, that are alcoholics, that take on the title of “Father”.
    BUT above all of these, is their belief that it is RIGHT (a right) to be free to worship ANY ‘god’….as Jorge Bergoglio (and his predecessors) have confessed that “religious freedom” is right and good.
    President Obama has confessed that this “SELF-FREEDOM” is the “LIGHT” of man’s righteousness and that this same “FREEDOM” is the “will” of his ‘god’… of fortresses.
    It is clear that Christ is not their first love…that their first love is instead their “freedom”….and that this is the mark on their forehead.
    BUT soon, the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Only God, will rule the earth in power according to and in obedience to the Will of the Only God and NOT according to man’s love for “his self justified freedom”.

  2. As Muslims we are not ‘happy’ to see the Catholic Church in trouble because of the child abuse cases. However, what we would like to see is that the discussion comes into the direction of the teachings of celibacy. In Islam we teach that ‘the married status is the best for all’. It seems that these abuse cases prove Islam right (as usual).

  3. I was posting on a Roman Catholic forum long time ago. Some Catholic accused the prophet s.a.w.s. as a pedophile. I tried to stop him but he insisted.
    Now the real pedophiles have surfaced as fathers in the church, using young children, for sex. The Pope is protecting the pedophiles.

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