Indonesia- Health insurance to cover all Indonesians

System is expected to be the world’s largest with 247 million covered by 2019,

The Straits Times : The scheme will assure lower-income Indonesians such as Mr Paimin of free outpatient and Class III treatment – the lowest category of care in Singapore and other countries – at hospitals and clinics for a mere 25,500 rupiah a month.

The bottom third of citizens – some 86.4 million who fall below or close to the poverty line – are exempt from the premiums.

Another 35.2 million, including civil servants, soldiers and policemen, will also be included in the scheme, bringing the number of insured to 121.6 million.

Coverage is meant to be comprehensive. It covers birth and maternity cases, as well as those who are already ill or getting treatment. But, it is basic.


A number of middle-class private employees are already insured by plans offered through the companies they work for.

Eventually, they will have to contribute to the new scheme, and officials say their existing plans will top up treatment beyond what the state-run scheme offers.


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