God in the 21st Century: Conference of World Religions

God in 21 century

For all the achievements and progress of the past century, the world has become increasingly divided and restless with hostilities and conflicts ever-present. The struggle for supremacy of world powers and the spiralling threat of extremism are playing havoc with the  world as it lurches perilously from one crisis to the next.

In such a scenario, where political solutions appear to be lacking, does religion have anything to offer? Religion is often accused of being the reason rather than the remedy for injustice and unrest and is deemed incapable of providing robust solutions to the complex challenges of the modern world. So can religion respond to the challenge and enable mankind

to achieve peace in the world today? Can it deliver peace that is desirable, achievable and sustainable? Can it inspire real progress in the real world? Can it offer real hope?

The rise of atheism and religious extremism has seen God relegated from modern life but there are emerging voices that are advocating with clarity and conviction, that it is only by turning back to God and His teachings that mankind can truly tackle the root causes that are undermining world peace. They contend that through its common moral framework religion and faith can act as a powerful force in uniting people across continents and cultures by focusing on our shared values. This conference will provide a unique platform for international faith leaders to bring to the fore the distinctive contribution that faith can make and provide a compelling, cohesive and comprehensive mandate for peace which the world so desperately needs.



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