No place for Ahmadis – living or dead!

Pakistan Today:

It appears that Bishen Singh, a Sikh character from Saadat Hassan Manto’s Toba Tek Singh who was displaced after the partition of India and sent to a mental asylum, cursed his village so powerfully that minorities in the village, trapped in their very own ‘no man’s land’, are continuing their quest for a piece of land to bury their dead.


Ahmadis and Muslims had been living peacefully in Kathowali – a village 15 kilometres from Gojra in district Toba Tek Singh – until March 2013 when a Muslim religious outfit objected to the minarets of the Ahmadis’ worship place in the village.

“Minarets are for a mosque; not for the worship place of a non-Muslim. They should bring the minarets down. We cannot have Ahmadis continue to project themselves as Muslims,” said the people who often gathered at Kathowali on the call of the religious outfit.


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  1. [85:11] Those who persecute the believing men and the believing women and then repent not, for them is surely the punishment of Hell, and for them is the punishment of burning.5

  2. It is time, all sensible Pakistanis realize there responsibility as a human being and start raising there strong voice against such injustices. We need to realize that if we keep ignoring such inhumane acts and let this go on then whatever happens to minorities will go on but in the process we individually are also slowly killing our own attributes that makes us human. ( Nauman Tahir)

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