Farewell to the Judges Party?

Source: ET

“I am a politician, if the judges want to join politics and negotiate with me, they should form the Judges party and I would be happy to meet them,” said Shaheed BB as quoted by her son recently. Eminently reasonable views, however in hindsight, there was a Judges party post-restoration and they were in no mood to negotiate with her party. As Justice (retd) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary departs, his stint in Court room 1 ends on the same note as he played it for the most part; controversial and political. The fiasco that happened on the last day, when one media channel was given the privilege to cover the full court reference to the exclusion of all others symbolises and summarises with precision, what the Court stood for under Justice Chaudhary. It stood for favourites and loyalists, and there was never much subtlety to it. The Media only woke up to it, when it was on the receiving end. Similar to when Mr Imran Khan realised sometime back that uncritical deference to all the opinions and decisions of the Court will take you only so far.


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  1. At least one credit goes to ex CJ. He took certain bold moves and restored the importance of Supreme Court in the minds of military brass and civil elite. It is agreed he totally failed to regulate the basic work of the courts which was to provide justice at gross route level. At the end of the day he failed to get the result of his most of the judgments. Arsalan Ch case also remained a stigma to his tenure. Establishment of Human Rights cell was a good move but then ninety thousands case remained unresolved. Any neutral historian will be forced to mention his tenure in the history of Supreme Courts but of course not with praising words.

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