Iranian Interfaith Center and Russia Orthodox Church discuss common points

In today’s world where many societies are plagued by extremism, terrorism, violence, and conflicts; heavenly religions can play an important role in promoting peace and friendship. Effort to unite these religions and find their common points is among the main tasks of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in Iran.

The delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church met the Iranian officials in Tehran to create a framework for the ninth edition of the dialog due to be held in September 2014. During the past eight rounds, the two sides have found many common grounds between Islam and Christianity.

Blasphemous acts are also among the points both religions strongly oppose. But what can be done to fight against blasphemous acts which have caused tension between religions?

“One solution is that insulting the religions will be considered as crime in all the countries. Our holy book Quran clarifies that such blasphemies will cause counterattacks. Billions of people are living together in the world and if one group insults the sacredness of a religion, then another group might insult their religion. And the insulting words can turn into wars and massacres.” replies Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Head of Forum for proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.

The Center for Interreligious Dialog in Islamic Culture and Relations Organization hopes that though regular meetings and discussions with Catholic and Orthodox Churches, it can highlight the common points of heavenly religions and find a way to reduce extremism and violence throughout the world.


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