The role of asylum seekers in Germany in the secret war

by Mohammed Saboor Nadeem

21. November 2013

The German newspaper “Süddeutsche” and also the German television news service “Tagesschau” reported in detail how US intelligence services used interviews-protocols of asylum seekers in Germany e.g. to plan US-drone-attacks. A former Pentagon-official reported, that all these informations are recorded in the so called “targed-acquisition-system”. He explains that sometimes it´s a banal information, which is important to catch the target. Supposedly the German federal authorities supplied the US intelligence service all these informations very systematically, this could also include phone data of terrorism suspects. Therefore the “Hauptstelle für Befragungswesen” plays a main role, which is directly put under the control of the Office of the Federal Chancellor. It´s a secret operating authority, where all these informations are evaluated. Detailed informations by asylum seekers about the security situation in their countries or about certain persons, are also provide to and evaluate by the US and British intelligence services. Advocates and German politicians protest by calling these actions absolutely illegal and demand an explanation by the federal Government of Germany. A spokeswoman for the German Government explained that only some asylum seeker who came from certain conflict regions was interviewed and that these interviews are by one´s own choice.

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  1. This is more dangerous than it sounds on the first reading when we consider that many asylum seekers (have to) make up stories in order to get their asylum request approved. If they make up a story that so-and-so Taliban-leader is residing on this-and-that place and the NSA passes on this information to the drone pilots totally innocent people become ‘collateral damage’…

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