Pope bows for Muslim Queen Rania of Jordan in latest display of breaking with tradition

Bowed to the royal following private audience with her and her husband
It runs counter to centuries of Catholic tradition
Comes after he posed for a selfie with teenage pilgrims in St Peter’s Basilica
Pope Francis is already closing in on three million Twitter followers

Milady: Pope Francis bows as he shakes hands with the beautiful Queen Rania of Jordan after they shared a private audience that also included her husband King Abdullah in the pontiff’s private library


Source: MAILonline

The Pope has once again shown his willingness to break with tradition by bowing to Muslim royal Queen Rania of Jordan.
As leader of the world’s 1.2billion-strong Catholic community, protocol usually dictates that visitors bow to him when they meet him at the Vatican.
But when Rania came to the Holy See with her husband King Abdullah II on Thursday, he inverted that formality by lowering his head to her.

He made no discernible bow toward her husband, the king. The Jordanian royals were leaving following a private audience with the pope in his library.
‘Francis behaves as he did before he became pope and is not interested in protocol’, a senior Vatican official told the Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Christian women, besides nuns, with hair coverings are not a rarity. In my locale in the US we have the Amish and Mennonite sects whose women wear bonnets completely covering their hair and none is visable at all(Secular Americans, I assure you, think it ‘quaint’ if they think of it at all) Those Christians would consider the Queen’s see-through “Hajib” as inadequate, as I’m sure many Muslim women would who wear their complete coverings. I believe that the Queen wearing this is more a sign of respect to the Pope as is his bow to her is one of a man showing respect to a woman. I have seen many photos of the Queen without any hair covering at all. As a controversy, this is much ado about nothing.

    • Well, you got the point. That is why the Queen of Jordan has a much better press and reputation abroad than in Jordan itself. Unfortunate, that both the King and the Queen care more about their international reputation than their local one. But wearing a hijab has to come from the heart of course.

  2. Here in the west, the hijab for young muslim girls / women is more of a fashion statement now than serving any religious or modesty purposes.

    You see many women wearing tight fitting clothing revealing all their “curves” yet they religiously (no pun intended) wear their ‘fashionable’ hijab… quite oxymoronic, don’t you think?

  3. This pope is truly following the example of Christ himself, who was not ashamed to even wash the feet of his disciples, mingle among lowly street folk and prostitutes.

    Humility is what is required from world leaders, to set an example for their followers.

  4. The Pope is showing respect to a lady not to her title. And that has been taught in every religion since the dawn of mankind.

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