Daughter of a Jamaat-e-Islami leader wants her father to be arrested

Source: wf-escenic-times
The daughter of a Jamaat-e-Islami leader has alleged her father, an expatriate in the Middle East, was involved in financing the recent countrywide mayhem including the one unleashed at Fatikchharhi’s Bhujpur in April. 

Sayma Akhtar organised a news conference at the Press Club in Chittagong on Monday to demand arrest of her father Hafizur Rahman, who is currently staying in Oman.

The 21-year-old read out a written statement at the news conference.

“My father is an expatriate Jamaat Rukon (a mid-level position in the party). He has been sending funds to Jamaat and Shibir in Bangladesh for quite a long time after gathering them from several sources there.”

“He gathered funds required for the Fatikchharhi’s Bhujpur incident. He contacted with several of his party men before that event took place. I have heard those conversations,” she told bdnews24.com.

On Apr 11, a mob, believed to be made up of Jamaat and Hifazat-e Islam supporters, attacked an anti-strike procession of the Swechchhasebak League and Chhatra League, the Awami League’s volunteer group in the Chittagong region.

Several League activists were killed and more than 150 others were injured which included police and BGB officials. The attackers had also set fire to 200 motorcycles, jeeps and cars belonging to the League volunteers.

Saima said she hated her father’s politics as that is “against Bangladesh’s liberation”. “You will find the proof about my father’s role in financing Jamaat by checking his bank accounts.”

“I was in a sort of house arrest there just because of opposing my father’s involvement with Jamaat.”

She said she stays at her Pathantuli Najir Vandar Lane residence under Double-Mooring Police Station in the port city whenever she comes to the country.

She married one Hasanuzzaman, son of a local freedom fighter MK Jaman, on Nov 4, 2012 after returning to Bangladesh.

She alleged her family stepped up their torture on her after knowing she had tied the knot with the “son of a freedom fighter.”

The daughter of the Jamaat leader said she started to live with her husband in his house after coming back to Bangladesh on Jul 4.

“But, my husband and I were arrested on Jul 14 in a case filed under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act by my mother,” she added.

“The court later handed over my responsibility to my in laws after I proved my age. But my husband is still in the jail,” she claimed.

Saima alleged the ‘thugs of Jamaat and Shibir’ were threatening her in-laws prodded by her expatriate father and demanded proper security for them.


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