10 Ways To (Spiritually) Prepare For Jalsa Salana UK 2013

Source: mta.tv/jalsaconnect

Our focus can turn now to the most important preparation; our spiritual one. Here are 10 ways to prepare, spiritually:

  • 5 daily prayers (Essential) – This goes without saying. In order to fully experience the spiritual sense of Jalsa we must pay full attention obligatory prayers. After all the 5 daily prayers are meetings with Allah the Almighty.

Concerning prayers Khalifatul Messih Al-Khamis (atba) as said:

             “… A vital purpose of Jalsa is to establish a relationship with God. So, it’s imperative for those who participate in Jalsa Salana, both guests and workers that they remember in order to establish this relationship they must pay full attention to their prayers and nawafil. Because through these (prayers) our problems will be resolved…” (Friday sermon – July 22nd 2011).

  • Extra merit (Nawafil) – From hadith it’s clear that nawafil are a means of attaining special nearness to Allah, so increasing your nawafil will certainly develop the soul for Jalsa. Tahajjud is a also a very unique form of nawafil, as God says:

    And wake up for It (the Qur’an) in the latter part of the night supererogatory service for thee It may be that thy lord will raise thee to an exalted station” (Qur’an 17:80).The Holy Prophet(saw) has stated “The best prayer after the obligatory prayers is the night prayer.” (Muslim) , if you’re having trouble waking up (don’t we all?) then why not read  the ‘Jalsa Connect’ blog : Tahajjud: 13 ways to wake up without an alarm clock”.

    • 10 conditions of bai’at – some questions to ask yourself before coming to Jalsa are  “Why am I Ahmadi?”  and “What makes an Ahmadi?”. It may sounds obvious but often we forget the actual conditions the Promised Messiah (as ) set out for being a true Ahmadi.

      Visit this link for the 10 conditions of bai’at: http://www.alislam.org/r.php?q=10%20conditions

    • Zikr (remembrance) – Remembrance of Allah is an essential part in preparing spirituality for Jalsa Salana. For a list of useful prayers why not read the ‘Jalsa Connect’ blog : Don’t waste your breath say a prayer”.
    • Durood – sending blessings down on the Holy Prophet (saw ) is also vital as God The Almighty says,

      “Allah and his angels send blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe you too should invoke blessings on him and salute him with the salutation of peace” (Qu’ran 33:57).

    The Holy Prophet (saw) has said:

    “He who recites a single Durood upon me, Almighty Allah blesses him ten times and ten of his sins are forgiven …” (Mishkat Al …continue reading at mta.tv/jalsaconnect

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