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  1. Extremely stupid argument. Just imagine the
    super god who created this god and take the chain
    to infinity. All the arguments were suqarely refuted by the scientists in the debate evolution v/s creation.

    • Ever read articles on Evolution v/s creationism ? All the queries are explained. If photosynthesis needs creator, why creator does not need creator which is supposed to be superior than photosynthesis ? Tell me why creator does not need creator and use the same arguments to know why this universe does not need a creator

    • If we cannot know anything about him or her, why believe in the things which you do not know ? Believe in things only to the extent you know. It is not necessary that you have to learn everything in one day and call a full stop to any additional knowledge by calling some book or prophet as the last. Your belief is not important but what is scientifically proved is important. If god can be un-caused cause, why this universe cannot be un-caused universe ? Abrahamic god does not exist. Kalam cosmology argument is foolish and can be busted in no time.

    • Science tells us that god cannot exist because it has to break all the rules of nature which are universal. There is not a single exception to the rules of nature. If you want to prove it answers the prayers and changes the rules of nature, douse yourself in petrol and ignite yourself and pray sincerely and see if there is Abrahamic god which answers prayers. All the prophets were conmen who fooled the people due to greed and fear.

  2. God does not have to break the laws of nature. Sanjeev, you are talking about 19th century physics, before the discovery of Quantum physics.

    Please again carefully read the articles about Quantum theory and Albert Einstein, linked in the above comment.


    • You are selectively quoting Einstein (who was atheist – read his entire literature and quotes). You are saying something is in existence which does not change, has consciousness but no need for any supply of biological energy to sustain the biological mechanism like brain. No need for breathing, no need to eat or go to toilet or no need for photosynthesis. It surely breaks the law of nature. Since such things are impossible, god just cannot exist.

    • What stupid thinking ! Did your god just materialized or some one made it ? Why
      don’t you use logic every where instead of just
      using it selectively ?

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