Qadian: Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya organises “Eid Milan” party

Maulana Hakeem Mohammad Din Sb. On Eid Milan Party with the prominent personalities in Sara-e-Tahir Qadian.

Qadian 19th August | New Reporter / Journalist: Ch.Maqbool Ahmad: “Eid Milan” party was held here in Dar-ul-Aman Qadian by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at Sara-e-Tahir. Maulana Hakeem Mohammad Din President Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya presided over the function.

After recitation of the Holy Quran Maulana Mohammad Hameed Kausar said in his speech that Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya respects all the religions.

The aim of “Eid Milan” party is to promote love, brotherhood and peace environment among the different communities & peoples. On this occasion Congress leader and MLA (Batala) Ashwani Kumar Sekhri praised the Jama’at’s slogan “Love for All, Hatred For None” and said it is the need of this era.

EX-Cabinet Minister Sewa Singh Sekhwan also addressed this party and said:

I am impressed with the teaching of Ahmadiyya Jamaat. I respect Ahmadiyya Community. He said the followers of Ahmadiyya Jama’at have spread all over the world.

Also present on the event were Mr. Manohar Lal Sharma (Director SS Bajwa Memorial School), Ram Sarup (Advocate), Charan Dass Bhatia (BJP leader), Tilak Raj Mahajan (Congress Leader), Jarnail Singh Mahal (Akali Leader), Satish Kumar (Comrade), Jadgdish Raj Jamba (Municipal Commissioner Qadian), Sukhwinder Singh Bhatia (MC), Chaudhry Abdul Wasay (MC), Davinderjet Singh Khera (Ex-President Municipal Committee Qadian) and Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad (President All India Sikh Student Federation).

After Dua the “Eid Milan” party was concluded and Maulana Hakeem Mohammad Din (President Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya) thanked all the participants for attending it.


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