Blasphemy case: Ahmadi Defendant seeks removal of 298-C


An anti-terrorism court judge has fixed August 20 for arguments on an application seeking alteration of the charges against an Ahmadi man accused of defiling the Holy Quran by distributing allegedly blasphemous literature.

The applicant, Azhar Zareef, is one of six men alleged to have blasphemed by printing and distributing the Ahmadi newspaper Al-Fazal, in a case registered at Islampura police station.

Two of the six accused, Al-Fazal editor Abdus Sami and manager Tahir Mehdi Warraich – had earlier been declared absconders. Ahmad Tahir and Azhar Zareef had been granted bail, and Faisal Khalid Ishfaq and Tahir Ahmad Shah had been denied bail.

On Saturday, Zareef asked the court to delete the charge against him that he had defiled the Holy Quran, as defined under Section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code. He submitted that the police investigation report stated that there was no evidence that he had distributed any blasphemous literature or that he had done or said anything derogatory about the Holy Quran.


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