As the recent death toll in Egypt surpasses 500, news of Muslim Brotherhood supporters being slaughtered in Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square has been an especially tragic manifestation of the powder-keg that is “post-revolutionary” Egypt. Just days before, our photographer found himself embroiled in an MB protest near to that now-tragic location. While this story does not in any way compare to the events that are currently transpiring there, it might shine a light on the varied make-up of the protesters and on just how tense, chaotic and unpredictable the situation in Cairo is.

All I smell is sweat and spray-paint. All I see are fists. I’m thinking of last year, watching protesters pull a riot cop out of Tahrir Square into an alley and telling Bucky, “That guy is dead.”

Now I’m thinking, “I’m that guy.”

That night, I was planning on going to my cousin’s wedding. I spent the last five days of Ramadan with my family in Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, then went to my aunt’s in Cairo. At 4pm, near El-Hegaz Square, a Muslim Brotherhood-organized protest marches past her balcony.


And click on for great photos!!!!!

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  1. As I drink another red wine and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! this is life then I read people who want to give their life for what ? What is the purpose is life so cheap?

    who has chosen a quality of life? is life so boring that you wish to end it so easily? knock knock ! someone at the door they are sharing their barbeque cooking with us, two lesbians are happy to share, I share my Lasagna cooking with them…….more red wine … the body count grows in Egypt they have found more bodies to count…….a brother is happy that his brother has died he’s a martyr who cares jump in the morgue be a statistic………..

    I am washing up after my cooking more red wine……….what is the quality of life …by their fruit you shall know them said Jesus I am not trying to sound smug and superior I’m just saying my life is precious and I’m not going to give it cheaply …….lets have another red wine to celebrate life

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