Pak army involved in LoC attack, Antony says

Source: TOI

NEW DELHI: The resumption of the composite dialogue process with Pakistan could now be put on hold after defence minister A K Antony told Parliament on Thursday that the killing of five Indian soldiers “will have consequences on our behaviour on the line of control and for our relations with Pakistan”.


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  1. Instead getting emotional or sentimental why not to ponder on the incident. Killing occurred with in 3 to 4 hundered meters inside the area of LOC. Killing of 5 and injuring 1 needs lot many bullets which were fired. Thereafter the shooter or shooters have to withdraw to safe place. LOC is highly guarded and patrolled area. How it all can happen without the knowledge of troops deployed in the area. Initially statement came indicating involvement of terrorists having Pak military uniform in this sensitive area which itself was a strange standpoint. Non high up assured inquiry in the incident. Now things are unfolding. It looks an intentional sabotage to damage the good feelings which new Pakistani government was showing to improve relations with India. Extremely unfortunate for peace loving citizens on both sides. Dear Mr Antony your reservations are well founded but regrettably hope for coordial atmosphere will again evaporate for long time to come. You should have kept in mid the limitations of Mr Nawaz Sherif.

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