Ahmadi Persecution in Pakistan Report July 2013

General Pasha’s extraordinary disclosure concerning 2010 twin attack on Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore

Islamabad:      Lt. General Shuja Pasha, former Director General ISI spoke candidly on many issues when he appeared before the Abbotabad Commission. He spilled many beans and named VIPs whom the well-informed general held responsible for most that had gone wrong with the country. He also made brief but highly revealing and even disturbing statement on the event of the massacre of Ahmadi worshippers in two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore on May 28, 2010. His remarks on this issue are in para 497 of the Commission’s report made public by Aljazeera TV; those are reproduced below:

“497 – The DG said the ISI knew that HVTs had been caught in towns and cities. In Karachi there were “no go” areas where the ISI knew foreign miscreants lived. But the police dared not venture there. The situation was increasingly becoming true of Lahore and other cities. In Lahore the police protected those who attacked the Qadianis last year (2010) and even directed them to the hospital where the wounded were being treated. The provincial government had been informed of the situation but it took no heed of the advice and information provided by the ISI. No guards were assigned to the hospital as venal political influence intervened everywhere.”

It would be recalled that in a meticulously planned attack, sectarian terrorists slaughtered Ahmadi worshippers who had assembled for the Friday prayers in two major Ahmadiyya mosques in Garhi Shahu and Model Town of Lahore. The initial absence of any adequate police presence and the delayed intervention by the fresh arrivals enabled the terrorists to succeed in their gory operation, as planned. According to the final count based on burial statistics, 86 worshippers died. One hundred and twenty four were injured.

One Christian, who worked at the Ahmadiyya complex in Garhi Shahu, was also killed in the attack.

A report of the above incident, in essential detail, is available in Chapter 2A of the Annual Report for year 2010 on website www.persecutionofahmadis.org. We have referred to this meticulous source Report while making the following observations on General Pasha’s disclosures that now explain unanswered questions or confirm what was surmised.

General Pasha has mentioned that the police “protected” the terrorists, even collaborated with them and “directed them to the hospital”; the Punjab provincial government were pre-informed and “the venal political influence intervened everywhere”. This says a lot. It reveals criminal co-operation among the terrorists, the police and the politicians. This could not be but at the top level to get implemented so meticulously and successfully to the lowest level. We mention below some of the aspects of this event reported soon after the fateful day, to show how the details get explained by the expose´ offered by the clued-up general.

The attackers entered the Model Town mosque with no resistance whatsoever from the policemen on duty. Once inside, they indulged in the killing spree. Eventually both the attackers were overpowered by a few Ahmadis. The whole drama took nearly 40 minutes to end. The Elite Force, that arrived eventually, entered the mosque when it was prudent and safe to do so.

One of the captured terrorists was injured during the action. He was delivered to the police who took him to hospital. They handed him over to the hospital staff along with the other injured worshippers without informing them that he was the terrorist. It was many hours later that an injured Ahmadi noticed him and informed the doctors of his identity; only then he was isolated. General Pasha’s statement explains, then a mystery, this compassionate handling by the police.

At Garhi Shahu the attack commenced at 13:40. The police that arrived in due course in numbers, waited outside and eventually entered the mosque at 16:10. As such the terrorists had two and half hours to finish the job in hand availing this liberal allowance from the law-enforcers. This delay blocked any rescue and evacuation effort, which resulted in the death of many injured due to excessive loss of blood. In the editorial on May 29, 2010, the daily Dawn posed the question: If the television crews can reach the scene of an attack before police reinforcement what does that say about the administration’s state of preparedness?

Ismail Khan, in his column in the daily Dawn of May 30, 2010 made a penetrating and apt observation: “Dozens of policemen armed with semi automatic weapons and guns were seen rushed to the scenes of the blood bath. They were seen huddled together either behind a wall or some other cover, without firing a single bullet. And then to cap it all the celebratory gunfire by the Lahore police, which has now become their hall mark, every time they finish their job. What was there to celebrate? The death of seventy-nine people???”

Here, it will be of interest to recall the role of the official TV channel. The 2010 annual report mentioned: A TV Commentator expressed the view that the police intervention was very successful and the arrangements in hospitals were excellent. He was perhaps unaware that in some hospitals mortuaries ran short of space to place the dead bodies, so these could not be unloaded from ambulances, and the authorities urged the relatives to take them away for burial. The commentator was also ignorant of the fact that the provincial Secretary of Interior (who obviously was not on board) had strongly criticized the performance of the law-enforcing agencies. (The daily Jang; Lahore, May 29, 2010)

Who were the terrorists whom the politicians and the police supported?

During the killing spree in the Garhi Shahu mosque the terrorists occasionally raised the slogan Khatme Nabuwwat – Zindah Baad (Long live – End of prophethood).

According to ANI, a spokesman of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan said on May 30, 2010:  On the whole, we do like to encourage the nation for increasing such activities, like target-killings of Qadianis, Shias, the political parties that support them, as well as law-enforcing agencies, the Pakistan Army and other racist parties. (9pk1 – May30, 2010; Asian News International)

It was then confirmed that the terrorists had stayed for days in Raiwind at a location from where groups make sorties for Tabligh (preaching); their handlers took them from there to the targeted locations. Raiwind is the place where Sharif brothers have a fabulous out-house.

PPP leaders in Lahore stated: “Recent events (at Lahore) are the works of Tehrik Taliban who are in collaboration with Lashkare Jhangvi, Jaish Muhammad and Sipah Sahabah.” (The daily Aman; Faisalabad, June 5, 2010)

According to a report, a few days later, on the Pakistan TV channel Geo News, subsequent to the disclosure made by the two captured terrorists to the intelligence agencies, they recovered large amount of weapons and ammunition in the Punjab (Ferozwala). They seized goods included two truck-loads of explosives, 100 grenades, 15 anti-aircraft guns, 10 drums of chemicals, 30 missiles, 15 mines, 16 walky-talky sets, 24 klashinkof automatic rifles and thousands of bullets. The terrorists who disclosed this were Imran and Bilal.

Let’s turn to the most important aspect: the political.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon strongly condemned the attacks. He said that for a long time Ahmadis had been exposed to the risk of violence and discrimination.

While addressing a press conference, Ms Hina Jilani Advocate, a human rights leader demanded an immediate and independent enquiry as to why adequate security arrangements were not made subsequent to warnings from intelligence agencies. An Inquiry Committee that was routinely appointed by the provincial authorities was influenced by the powers-that-be to become ineffectual: so there was no inquiry, no report.

The provincial chief minister, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif did not consider it necessary to visit the Ahmadiyya centre in Lahore, after the tragedy, although the governor Mr. Taseer visited the Ahmadiyya center and Mr. Rehman Malik the Federal Interior Minister visited the injured in a hospital. Mr. IA Rehman of the HRCP commented in his column in the Dawn of June 3, 2010: “That the higher authorities could not muster the courage to visit the hospital and console the injured, points to the root of discrimination and prejudice against the Ahmadis.”

Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi was more specific in the Friday Times of June 2010: “What helps sustain terrorist groups in the political profile of Punjab that is marked by religious conservatism and a strong right-wing orientation. The PML-N that rules the Punjab avoids a categorical criticism of militancy, hoping to protect its right-wing/Islamist electoral support.”

More recently, on July 2, 2013 the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom in its Immediate Release observed:

“… Nongovernmental organizations also recently reported several drive-by shootings targeting Ahmadis. The Hindu Community continues to suffer discrimination and the threat of forced conversions to Islam. The Punjab government has not taken effective measures against those who attacked the Christian community in Jacob Colony in March 2013.”

Arif  Nizami, the editor of Pakistan Today did not miss General Pasha’s disclosure in the Abbotabad Commission Report and bluntly observed in its issue of July 13, 2013: “The recent terrorist incident in a Lahore food street after an interregnum of three years is a rude awakening that the PML-N provincial government’s ‘ceasefire’ with the militants no longer holds. In this context Shahbaz Sharif must come out clean on the charge leveled by Pasha before the Commission that the Lahore police protected those who attacked Qadianis in 2010.”

Last, but not least, following ‘terminal questions’ were posed, inter alia, in the Ahmadiyya Annual report on persecution in 2010; the answers to these have been provided by General Pasha’s statement:


  1.        I.                        The authorities in Lahore had been informed by the federal government, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Ahmadiyya community that the community was under threat of attack. Why did they fail to attend to these warnings, and took no special measures to beef up the security in the two mosques?
  2.     II.                        Why did the administration and the police insist that Ahmadi guards on security duty at the mosques should not carry arms, while all over the province the authorities recommend and require mosque administrations to arrange armed guards?
  3.  III.                        Once the terrorist attack had begun why there was no adequate and effective police response to the terrorist action despite the availability at hand of the Elite Force and the special police force (QRF)? At the Lahore garrison there are plenty of army troops and rangers, always at hand to assist the civil authorities; their assistance was not requested – why? The available APC at the scene was used ineffectively. The police moved in when the terrorists achieved their object. At whose direction the intervention was delayed?
  4.  IV.                        Who ordered and why that Ahmadis wounded, who still needed competent medical care, be discharged forthwith from the state-owned hospital?
  5.     V.                        A high level Inquiry Committee was formed by the Punjab government to look into the tragic incident. What happened to it and where are its proceedings and findings? The Committee has not asked for the Ahmadiyya community’s views or comments.
  6.  VI.                        The provincial chief minister decided not to make a sympathy visit to the Ahmadiyya community, nor had a look at the sites, nor went to the hospital to enquire after the wounded. What kept him from these minimal official, political and social norms?


Another Ahmadiyya mosque sealed by the authorities

Fatehpur, District Gujrat; July 2013:            An Ahmadiyya mosque has been sealed here by authorities. This is the 29th mosque in this series. This fact could perhaps go in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The mosque is located in a farmland owned by Ahmadis for more than 20 years. Its management is with Ahmadis. Ahmadis allowed their non-Ahmadi kins to pray in the same mosque. So it was in common use.

Recently, Ahmadis transferred the mosque’s ownership to Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya. The non-Ahmadis did not like that, although the transfer did not affect their practice of worship. They conspired to make it a big issue and resolved to take over the mosque by force. The Daulat Nagar police found an easy way out. They sealed the mosque.

The Express Tribune, Lahore filed a detailed report on this issue on July 31, 2013 and gave it the headline:

Dispossession: Ahmedis banished from place of worship


Lahore:   Ahmadis in Fatehpur, Gujrat district, have been banished from their place of worship in Ramazan and fear that they will be deprived of the property by the local government and clerics.

The Ahmedis filed a complaint with the police for the registration of an FIR against the assailants. The police did not register a case, nor heeded their request for protection. Instead, they sealed the place of worship, which is located on a four-marla plot, “because of concerns of a clash,” Dolatnagar SHO Riaz Qadir told The Express Tribune. He said that previously, both Sunnis and Ahmedis had prayed there.

The SHO said that he had seen the Jamat-i-Ahmadiya’s ownership document for a four-marla property within that eight-kanal parcel, but the document did not specify where exactly within that eight kanals the four-marla property was located.

Asked why no assault case had been registered on the Ahmedis’ complaint after members of the community were beaten up and thrown out of the place of worship on the first day of Ramazan, the SHO said that since no blood had been spilt, there could be no FIR.

He (the vice president of the so-called Peace and Harmony Committee) said that the four-marla property appeared to have been transferred to the Jamat-i-Ahmadiya by the patwari “by mistake”. He added that he was hopeful the dispute would be resolved and the property “would be given to Muslims”.

“The Jamat-i-Ahmadiya has ownership documents for the property,” he (an Ahmadi) said. “It is the responsibility of the police and the state to follow the law in settling the matter.”


Lahore remains stressful for Ahmadis

Rachna Town; July 2013:     Mr. Mubarak Ahmad has been receiving threats in writing and on telephone from unknown persons. Recently someone wrote to him the following note that is chilling to the bone: (Translation)

“Mubarak, it seems that you do not understand polite language. This is my second and last letter. I do not know if you received my first letter. I telephoned you also, but you have not taken it seriously. This is my final warning to you. Leave this area voluntarily; otherwise you will be yourself responsible for the hurt. I give you a month, to leave. If you do not quit by Eid, we shall act thereafter, and only you will be the one to suffer. Be informed that we are keeping your house under surveillance. We know all your movements; we know what your wife and children do and where they go. If you care for your family, do what we tell you; there only lies your well-being.”

Mr. Mubarak has been advised to inform the administration and the police.

Ganj, Mughalpura; July 21, 2013:    Two unknown bearded men came to the gate of the local Ahmadiyya mosque. They banged the door and demanded entry. The guard asked them their identity. They got infuriated and called him bad names and threatened to shoot him. They stayed there for some time when two men came there and took them away.

Gulberg; July 2013:   Mr. Zahuruddin lives in Gulberg. One of his relatives, Mr. Athar Hashmi who lives nearby informed Mr. Zahuruddin’s son, Mr. Naeemuddin on telephone that two suspects were standing outside his house with their faces covered. One of the non-Ahmadi neighbors of Mr. Naeemuddin asked them their purpose. They did not respond and moved away from Mr. Zahurrudin’s house, but returned a bit later. Mr. Naeemuddin’s neighbour again approached them and asked them the reason of covering their faces. They did not talk to him and departed from the scene. He suspects that they were armed.

Shareef Pura, District Lahore; July 2013:    Ahmadis are under pressure of local non-Ahmadis to stop praying in their own local place of worship. They have approached the notables of the area to put pressure on Ahmadis. They plan to hold anti-Ahmadiyya conference and take out a procession thereafter.


Severe harassment of a woman at job – for her faith

Attock; July 2013:      Ms. Shamim Ramzan is a senior Nursing Instructor in the Health Department in Attock. She is facing severe harassment at her office on religious grounds. The local mullas, the judiciary and the administration have co-ordinated their bigoted efforts to cause her great hardship.

Ms. Ramzan has been facing opposition at the hand of extremist elements for the last six years since joining the Nursing School at Attock. Baseless allegations of proselytizing have been leveled against her and the administration and judicial officials were approached to proceed against her. Mullas agitated their flock in sermons that she, a Qadiani (Ahmadi) teacher, is teaching Muslim girls and preaching them etc.  Attock is located next to KPK, and is influenced by the bigotry rampant in that region. It is no surprise that almost all took up the call to give her a hard time.

In the recent past Ms. Ramzan was promoted and assigned a new post in Attock Hospital. Accordingly she was relieved from the Nursing School, but was subsequently refused to join the post at Attock Hospital. When asked, they gave no reason. The head of the relevant department wrote a letter to the authorities alleging that Ms. Ramzan was involved in preaching her faith, so her promotion and posting should be reversed.

Ms. Ramzan has written to the Secretary Health Department, Lahore, but has not received a reply yet. She has rendered 21 years meritorious service in the Department. She is worried about her job and future career.

In the past, stones have been pelted upon her house. She has two children; they share this hostility and harassment. Her husband too. The entire family is greatly upset, and has requested their community elders to support them with prayers.


Fresh situation report about Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, although located adjacent to Islamabad, is under the administrative control of the Punjab government. Ahmadis have suffered greatly in this town at the hand of religious bigots supported by political influentials. The situation remains tense with fresh initiatives by the mullas, so Ahmadi community leaders had to call on higher administrative and police officials to convey them their deep concern. The Commissioner, the RPO and the DCO were apprised of the situation. They advised Ahmadis patience and forbearance, under the circumstances.

The local Ahmadi community addressed a complaint to the District Coordination Officer on June 18, 2013. Its translation is given below:





For the past couple of years, provocative, hateful and prejudiced activities have been unlawfully going on against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Our place of worship at 69-E Satellite Town has been targeted and Ahmadis have been deprived of their constitutional right of worship.

Ahmadi traders in Rawalpindi are also targeted now. Some of them have been threatened with vigilante action. Two Ahmadis in the Sabzi Mandi of Raja Bazaar are among them. One of them, the proprietor of Bismilla Masala Jat was visited by a few mullas who forcibly effaced the word Bismillah with black paint from the signboard. This is highly provocative and hurtful. Likewise another Ahmadi trader in Namak Mandi, Raja Bazaar had ‘Al-Rahman Traders’, ‘Wallahu Khair ur Razequine’ and ‘Chaudhry Muhammad Akbar’ written on his signboard. Some mullas came to his store and in his absence wiped off the words Al-Rehman, Wallahu Khair ur Razequine and Muhammad from the signboard with black paint. This has hurt Ahmadis profoundly; effacing Quranic words in an unlawful act. In future if any non-Ahmadi attempts such unlawful act, the Ahmadis will be free to exercise their right of self defense. Accordingly, in view of these shameful and hurtful acts, you are requested to restrain these miscreants. Effective action may please be taken to bar such activities to forestall a major turmoil.

Two photos of the reported incidents are attached.



Representative Jamaat Ahmadiyya Rawalpindi

Copy to: 

  • Commissioner Rawalpindi
  • RPO Rawalpindi


Corrupting the Sharia – to no end

Vehari; July 2013:     Mr. Hafiz Ahmad Khan, a former Amir Jamaat Ahmadiyya Vehari received the following threat note from the banned Lashkar Jhangvi (Sipah Sahabah): (Translation)

“We wrote to you earlier that although we could kill you, but have decided to send you this warning for the present. Do not think that Lashkar Jhangvi exists no more. Everyone is mistaken (to think so). We are constantly in the know of your movements. You can not dissuade us by informing the administration. This is the final warning to you: Convert to Islam or pay up 5 million Jizya or face death.”

In early Islam Jizya was the poll tax payed by non-Muslim citizens of the Islamic state, in lieu of military service undertaken to protect the citizens from enemy attacks.

The corrupt mulla has the impudence to call his crime of ‘kidnapping for ransom’, Jizya. This is corruption of still another Sharia term by the neo-Kharijites.


Incursion in mosque

Bhulairanwala, District Gujrat; July 16, 2013:        Four armed men jumped over the walls and entered in the Ahmadiyya mosque at about 2:50 a.m.  At that time the local missionary Mr. Muhammad Shabil and another Ahmadi Mr. Anees Ahmad were busy preparing their Sehri (meal served at the start of the fast during Ramzan). One of them took out his pistol, placed it against Mr. Shabil’s head and demanded valuables. Mr. Shabil had little to offer. The miscreants departed.


A nugget from the Urdu press

Lahore:           The well-known weekly The Friday Times of Lahore spares two pages to reports from the national Urdu press, presenting them in an animated style while conveying a weighty message. In the recent issue of July 5, 2013 the following was one of the dozen entries:


We may remind the reader that general Zia was the dictator who promulgated the anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance in 1984. Although the general died in a plane crash in 1988, his infamous law continues to be enforced zealously by his political progeny.


Outrageous disinformation about Ahmadis

Lahore; July 14, 2013:  The daily Jang, Lahore published a news item in 2-columns, reported by its Special Correspondent. Its translation:

Qadianis play major role in spreading anarchy in the country: Majlis Ahrar Islam

Lahore: (Special Correspondent) Mahr Azhar Hussain Vance declared in a statement that Qadianis have depots of modern weapons in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah). These weapons are used in acts of terrorism in the country. He stated that Qadianis play a major role in spreading anarchy in the country. Qadianis holding key posts continue to disclose national secrets.

They are working as Jewish, Israeli and Indian agents. These Israeli agents are promoting themselves in Europe by spreading disorder in the country. The authorities should take note of apostatizing activities of these Mirzais.

While mullas are known for their practice of deceit and deception, it is strange that the leading national newspaper should publish their rubbish without any qualm or query.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE by United States Commission of International Religious Freedom

Washington D.C, July 2, 2013: Alarmed by the severity of an attack by a suicide bomber on a neighborhood in Quetta that was preceded by a similar attack in Peshawar, the USCIRF issued its statement on ‘rising violence’ against religious communities in Pakistan. Extracts:

“Over the past 18 months, USCIRF has become aware of over 250 attacks targeting religious communities in Pakistan. Over 650 individuals have been killed, the overwhelming majority coming from the Shia Community. Nongovernmental organizations also recently reported several drive-by shootings targeting Ahmadis. The Hindu community continues to suffer discrimination and the threat of forced conversion to Islam. The Punjab government has not taken effective measures against those who attacked the Christian Community in Jacob Colony in March 2013.”


Ahmadis behind bars

  1. The police raided the workshop of a book-binder, Syed Altaf Hussain and arrested him, his son and his workers on February 22, 2013. The charge: he undertakes book-bindings of some Ahmadiyya publications. Syed Altaf Hussain is not an Ahmadi. Two days later, the police released four of the detainees but kept Syed Hussain in detention at P.S. Old Anarkali. Mr. Asmatullah, an Ahmadi, who was also implicated in the Black Arrow case and was granted bail by the court in that case, was not released because he was also mentioned in this case of the book-binder. Syed Hussain (non-Ahmadi) was later released on bail but Asmatullah (an Ahmadi) is still behind bars.  Mr. Asmatullah is detained since early January 2013.
  2. On April 10, 2013, the police registered a case against the editor Mr. Abdul Sami Khan, the printer Mr. Tahir Mehdi Imtiaz Ahmad of the daily Al-Fazl and four others, under the Anti-Terrorism Act and (anti-Ahmadi) Ordinance XX. The latter four accused Mr. Khalid Ashfaq, Mr. Tahir Ahmad, Mr. Faisal Ahmad and Mr. Azhar Zareef were arrested in Lahore by the Islampura police. On May 7, 2013 the judge granted the bail to two, Mr. Azhar Zareef and Mr. Faisal Ahmad Tahir, and denied bail to the other two Mr. Khalid Ashfaq and Mr. Tahir Ahmad.  They have remained behind bars. Lahore High Court heard their plea for bail on June 6, 2013 and rejected the same.



From the media

Former ISI DG takes shot at all… In Lahore, the police protected those who attacked the Qadianis in 2010 and even directed them to the hospital where the wounded were being treated. They (the provincial government) had been informed of the situation by ISI but no guards were assigned in the hospital as venal political influence intervened everywhere.

The daily Jang; Lahore, July 11, 2013

Rebuttal of Qadianiat course completed in Chiniot

Chiniot: ‘Radde Qadianiat course conducted in Idarah Markazia Dawat o Irshad of Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Chinioti MPA (PML-N) came to end here when the certificates, books and scholarships were distributed by the renowned Alama Maulana Zahid ur Rashidi and Shamsuddin a convert to Islam.

    The daily Express; Faisalabad, July 1, 2013

Dispute over minaret on Qadiani place of worship in Gojra gathers momentum

    The daily Pakistan; Lahore, July 24, 2013

Shias, Hindus, Ahmadis and Christians suffer further violence in Pakistan

700 killed in sectarian attacks within 18 months: US Report

     The daily Aman; Lahore, July 19, 2013

Chenab Nagar: Sugar not available in Utility Stores. Buyers face problem.

    The daily Ausaf; Lahore, July 19, 2013

Total now 57, 7 more die in Parachinar blasts. 187 injured in hospital

The daily Mashriq; Lahore, July 28, 2013

Militants attack ISI offices in Sukhar

At least four agency officials killed

     The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 25, 2013

Explosions in Quetta. City mourns 30. Bazaars closed. Funeral prayers in Imam Barghas of Hazara Town

    The daily Mashriq; Lahore, July 2, 2013

Zardari’s chief security aide killed in blast

    The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 11, 2013

Nine killed in Chaman suicide blast

The daily The News; Lahore, July 6, 2013

Six soldiers die in attack on Peshawar checkpost

The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 4, 2013

No radical shift in new anti-terror strategy

The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 6, 2013

Four Hazara men gunned down (in Quetta)

    The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 16, 2013

Four soldiers killed in Miranshah blast

The daily The Express Tribune; Lahore, July 1, 2013

7 killed in Hangu suicide hit

The daily The News; Lahore, July 9, 2013

Revoke the death sentence of Mumtaz Qadri: demand 1000 ulama

  The daily Khabrain; Lahore, July 31, 2013

Billions lost to fake religious schemes by Muftis

The daily The News; Lahore, July 20, 2013

One month prison sentence and lashes for not fasting: Taliban

     The daily Ausaf; Lahore, July 12, 2013

 Official security detail withdrawn from Maulana Abdul Aziz and his wife Umme Ehsan (of Lal Masjid, Islamabad)

    The daily Mashriq; Lahore, July 17, 2013

S. Arabia will send imams to Pakistan

     The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 25, 2013

US parliamentarians show reservations over violence against minorities.

     The daily Awaz; Lahore, July 28, 2013

Dhaka war crimes court jails Jamat (Islami) leader for 90 years

    The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 16, 2013

BD Jamaat (Islami) leader gets death sentence

    The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 18, 2013


Police probe ‘terrorist’ blast outside UK mosque

    The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 13, 2013

Tension in Paris suburbs over veil

   The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 22, 2013

Coup in Egypt. Army chief ousts President Morsi, suspends Constitution

The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 4, 2013

Egypt: Raid on Ikhwan headquarters. 8 dead

   The daily Mashriq; Lahore, July 2, 2013

Over 70 pro-Morsi protestors shot dead

     The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 28, 2013

Cairo: Army fires at Morsi supporters, 54 killed, 200 wounded

    The daily Dunya; Lahore, July 9, 2013

(Islamist) Gunmen kill 28 in attack on Nigeria school

        The daily The News; Lahore, July 7, 2013

Iraq violence may spark civil war, says UN official

    The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 11, 2013

KP minister (of TI) ‘rationalises’ militant attacks.

The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 2, 2013

Gunmen kill seven coast guards (near Gawadar)

       The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 28, 2013

248 inmates escape after jail break (in DI Khan)

       The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 31, 2013


Woman stoned to death for using cellphone (in DG Khan)

     The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 11, 2013

Karak (KPK): Women forbidden to go to bazaar without male chaperone

  The daily Mashriq; Lahore, July 21, 2013

(Blasphemy) Accused (a Christian) found guilty, handed down life

     The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 14, 2013

26 dead: Four more die of drinking poisonous wine in Faisalabad

   The daily Mashriq; Lahore, July 29, 2013

25 poisoned to death; cook arrested

According to the FIR, Rafiq confessed to having committed the crime during interrogation and alleged that rivals of MPA Jahanzeb Khirchi had offered him Rs. 100,000 for preparing poisoned bread for some workers and their families.

     The daily Dawn; Lahore, July 18, 2013

Op-ed:            Controlling the deep state

The recent terrorist incident in a Lahore food street after an interregnum of three years is a rude awaking that the PML-N provincial government’s ‘ceasefire’ with the militants no longer holds. In this context Shahbaz Sharif must came out clean on the charge leveled by Pasha before the (Abbotabad) Commission that the Lahore police protected those who attacked Qadianis in 2010.

Arif Nizami in Pakistan Today of July 13, 2013


Op-ed:            Far from enlightenment

To curb extremism Pakistanis must change the culture which provides space to groups that propagate hate and violence

Moonis Ahmar in the daily Dawn; July 2, 2013



Op-ed:            The madrassa networks of Sindh

In a recent survey carried out by the Sindh Home Ministry, there are 12,545 madrassas in the province, of which 2,161 are sectarian and dangerous.

About 74 percent of these religious schools are in Urban Sindh, Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukhar. At least 8,191 out of them opened after 9/11. About 67 percent of the madrassas in the province are owned by people who do not have a Sindh domicile.

According to the survey, 6,191 of the madrassas belong to the Deobandi school of thought 2,811 are Barelvi, 412 follow the Ahle Hadith doctrine and 512 belong to the Shia fiqh.

The population of madrassa students in Sindh according to the Home Ministry survey is estimated at up to 120,000 to 150,000…..

“There are over 600 madrassas in Sindh which are red flagged and termed dangerous,” said a source in the Sindh Home Ministry. But analysts say it is hard to prove how a specific religious curriculum promotes hatred, violence and prejudice towards various sects within Islam and non-Muslims, especially when the entire state and private school curriculum is designed to promote, inculcate and incite the spirit of jihad and hatred among children as young as five.

Ali K Chishti in the weekly The Friday Times of July 12, 2013



Op-ed:            No respite

The number of people killed in various acts of violence in May was 634. In June, casualties declined slightly to 619, but are still much higher than 500 deaths in violent attacks in April.

Imtiaz Gul in weekly The Friday Times of July 12, 2013


Op-ed:            United they stand

Terrorist groups that were once opposed to each other have now joined hands to destabilize Pakistan.

            Newsline, July 2013


Op-ed:            Minority exodus       

And what are we to make of the good fortune that has befallen the minority groups in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa? Chief Minister Khattak speaking in the provincial assembly last week said that henceforward sanitary worker jobs, cleaning roads, drains and sewers…would only be given to members of religious minority who …

What all of this speaks of is a creeping totalitarianism – and not so much creeping as galloping in some parts of the country – that is edging its way into being the national default position. An institutionalized intolerance and a marginalization of some of the poorest and most vulnerable of the citizens of Pakistan.

Christian leaders have quite rightly protested at Khattak’s words. At a stroke he has defined Christians and other minorities as second class citizens unworthy of anything but the most menial of tasks. His words cannot be taken back and no apology is ever going to right the wrong that they embody.

                        Chris Cork in The News of July 8, 2013


Op-ed:            Ma La La Land

… The PML-N didn’t send any government representative to stand by Malala. … The government of KPK said absolutely nothing about Malala’s day or her speech. …

The nasty truth is that no one in this country’s leadership (except for the admirable ANP who supported Malala vocally after the attempt on her life) wanted to publicly align themselves with Malala or her cause of women’s education, or even support her notionally, for fear of the Taliban, of the Jamaat Islami, and of what they imagine to be their own incurably ‘conservative’ (i.e. resentful, thwarted, West-hating vote bank.) If you ever wanted to see a definition of Cowardice, this is it. And it wears tuxedoes in London and hair-plugs in Model Town.

Fayes Kantawala in The Friday Times of July 19, 2013  



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