Kurds drive Al-Qaeda fighters out of Ras al-Ain


Kurdish fighters expelled jihadists from the Syrian flashpoint frontier town of Ras al-Ain and the nearby border crossing with Turkey, activists said Wednesday, in escalating fighting that could signal another front in Syria’s fractious civil war.Kurdish fighters took total control of Ras al-Ain “after 24 hours of fighting.

Kurdish fighters are trying to ensure that neither the regime of President Bashar Assad nor the opposition takes control of the area.

The clashes between Kurdish fighters and jihadists erupted after Nusra Front attacked a convoy of Kurdish women fighters, Abdel-Rahman said.

Nine jihadists and two Kurdish fighters have been killed since the fighting broke out, the Observatory said.

In another border spillover of Syria’s civil war Wednesday, gunmen from Syria infiltrated a disused army outpost in the Israeli-occupied area of the Golan Heights just beyond the cease-fire line, a military spokeswoman said.

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