Our Collection about Separation of Mosque-Church and State

In the Muslim Times we have a category, ‘Separation of Mosque-Church and State,’ which is under ‘Law and Religion,’ tab in the menu below the picture of the Mosque of Medina in the header. This should give you a readily accessible catalog of all the posts that we have made in this category in the last three years.

Our Collection of ‘Separation of Mosque-Church and State,’ in Islam for the West


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  1. so do the ahmadis believe that all muslim countries including arabia should be secular? if so, then ahmadis believe all the verses and hadith related to political and judicial are abrogated! therefore ahmadis admit that not all of the Quran is practical nor meant to be for all times!

    can an ahmadi reply asap

  2. We should all follow the advice of Sir Francis Bacon, “Read not to contradict … but to weigh and consider.”

    I would suggest that the readers read and watch videos here in that spirit.

    No verses of the Holy Quran are abrogated, but each and every one of them not only needs to be understood in the time and surroundings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, but also the context of our times, our Global village. This is why the Holy Quran is understood to be a dynamic book and not a static or out dated one.

    If the readers watch the two short video clips in this collection, towards the end, one by President Barack Obama and one by the National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Canada, Lal Khan Malik, reality is likely to be clear to perceptive minds.

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