Maiden speech: No ‘surprises’, but a lot of candour

The Muslim Times Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: June 6, 2013
ISLAMABAD:Partly scripted and partly extempore, Nawaz Sharif’s 30-minute speech, his first as the prime minister, touched on everything from crime and corruption to economy and extremism. What it didn’t have though, were the groundbreaking announcements or policy declarations that some were expecting.“I assure you that neither I nor my team will sit idle. I will utilise all my energies for the betterment of the nation,” he said, adding that “comprehensive plans to deal with these issues have been prepared”. Nawaz also promised that these plans would be implemented soon.

The prime minister opted not to make tall claims or paint a rosy picture but instead took the responsibility of tackling the mammoth challenges that lay ahead. “My government accepts the challenge of addressing all these issues,” he said.

“We have chalked out plans to tackle all issues, including load-shedding. I will soon address the nation and disclose those steps,” he added. “I foresee a bright Pakistan where minorities will also have their rights completely protected,” he said.

Nawaz said that the country was facing myriad problems like increasing debt and government institutions that are on the verge of collapse. More

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