UK divided: Islam used as scapegoat in extremist attacks?

Social rifts have been widening in the UK after the Woolwich murder and the discovery of an Oxford sex-grooming ring. In the midst of growing anti-Muslim protests, it has been suggested religion is merely a scapegoat in an already-divided society.

Social tensions have been on the rise on the streets of Britain following the murder of 25-year-old British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby in East London by two alleged Muslim extremists. The suspected killers claimed to be acting in vengeance for Muslims killed abroad by British troops in a video of the brutal attack.
The killing triggered violent protests from right-wing group the English Defense League (EDL) who slam the government for not doing enough against Muslim extremism. There has also been a flurry of attacks on Mosques in London and the rest of Britain in the wake of the incident.
Prior to this, the case of an Oxford-based sex-grooming ring that was active for eight years gripped the British public. Seven men of Asian origin were charged with rape, trafficking and orchestrating child prostitution among girls as young as 11.


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