The honor of Muslims is Islam, simply Islam, when it is true to its principle, signifies peace.

Huff Post: Bernard-Henri LevyThe honor of Muslims is the Syria that stands up, doubly insurgent, fighting on two fronts: that of a dictatorship that has become insane, killing with a vengeance (conservative estimates, at least 80,000 dead), and that of political Islamism, represented within the rebellion by the Al Nosra jihadi front, an affiliate of al Qaeda, which the head of French diplomacy has suggested (and rightly so) including among the “terrorist organizations” the UN has outlawed.

The honor of Muslims is this ANP, the Awami National Party that, in this other hell — this other cauldron of poverty and death that is the Pakistan of the Taliban — pays a high price for its support for anti-terrorist operations American special forces are carrying out in the tribal zones at the border with Afghanistan. They have suffered dozens of deaths, their leaders assassinated or threatened with assassination, car bomb attacks threatening all of their meetings; and yet the ANP continues, refusing to back down, campaigning in the catacombs and never abandoning its dream of an Islam compatible with secularism.

The honor of Muslims is these Libyans — in reality, a majority — who, just a year ago, in the first free elections their country has ever known, disowned the Muslim Brotherhood and brought to power a moderate coalition which itself appointed as Prime Minister a democrat, enemy of the deadly thesis of the clash of civilizations, former president in exile of the Libyan League for Human Rights, who has never compromised with Gaddafiism, the man who led the first delegation of free Libyans received by Sarkozy at the Elysée Palace on March 10th, 2011: Ali Zeidan.


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  1. The honor of Muslims is Islam, simply Islam, when it is true to its principle, signifies peace, introduced by Abdul Alim in MT has good intentions by with very inappropriate and emotive language by the author. For example, the following statement by Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French philosopher and writer: “This other cauldron of poverty and death that is the Pakistan of the Taliban” is not only false but also smacks of hatred of Pakistan.

    Mr. Levy is one of the biggest Islamophobe in the western world who disguises himself as the friend of Muslims. He has actually proposed the bombing of Pakistani nuclear installations during the USA Afghan adventure and he was behind the advise to Sarkozy to go into Libya and now advocating the same for Syria.In one of his interviews in 2007, he said; “We were all fools rushing off to war into Iraq. The real epicenter of the Islamist danger was Pakistan. In this sense, the war in Iraq was not only foolish but a moral crime because it diverted focus and resources from the real issue. Not focusing on Pakistan after 9/11 was a grave strategic error of the U.S”.

    His book, Who Killed Daniel Pearl? was condemned by the British historian of India and travel writer William Dalrymple (among others) for its lack of rigour and its caricatural depictions of Pakistani society, as well as his decision to fictionalize Pearl’s thoughts in the closing moments of his life.
    The most common accusation towards Lévy is of him being one-sided and, ultimately, shallow as a thinker. He has been heavely criticized by noted intellectuals on all sides of the ideological spectrum, such as historian Pierre Vidal-Naquet and philosophers Cornelius Castoriadis, Raymond Aron and Gilles Deleuze, who called Lévy’s methods “vile. Vidal-Naquet went as far as saying: “BHL’s intellectual dishonesty is properly unfathomable”.

    I have at many occasions said this to the management of Muslim Times that it is counter productive and outright against the interests of Ahmadiya community in Pakistan to subscribe or describe Pakistan in such derogatory terms and carry on a propaganda types of views against all Pakistanis, majority of whom are law abiding citizens and have no ill will towards minorities, including Ahmedies.

    Mr. Alim please do some research about authors who are behind such articles, before printing them unconditionally.

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