Urdu Article: Mujhe Yaqeen Hai Ke Mera Rabb Jaldi Hi Suo Moto Action Lene Wala Hai

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  1. A very good article, indeed.
    We used to read Lahore regularly many years ago in Pakistan. Is it available on the net al all? Can someone please respond?

  2. Supreme court is doing fill in the blank for government in their own way. But you can not run a country on Suomoto actions. Behind this they have their own agenda. Behind every action of government, opposition and courts have their own plans. The government can be replaced three times the corruption will not end. It is a race going on to loot the country as much possible.

  3. In my opinion Pakistan is not a Muslim state. Because all the leadership of Pakistan are involved anti-Islamic activities. They are not following true path of Islam. Only Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is following the teachings of Islam. I think one day come when Super power will directly take control of Pakistan. Its is a very shameful thing for Pakistan that India which is non-Islamic country give respects to its Muslim citizens and have full religion freedom. But in Pakistan Muslim is the enemy of its own Muslim Brothers.

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