Is Justice Just a Fad?

Huff Post: Ken Wytsma.

I think much the same can be said about justice. At least the conversation is happening. At least awareness is growing. I don’t have the time or energy to weed out everyone else’s mixed motives, let alone my own. I’m simply glad that people who otherwise might be wrapped up in the latest television series are instead thinking about how to end modern-day slavery.

We are experiencing something unique in our society: pop culture and deep culture are both talking about justice.

By deep culture I mean generational culture, the kind of culture that lasts for decades and changes at a slow pace. This kind of culture includes norms and values that can be passed down, values like giving others a hand up when they’ve fallen down. Pop culture, on the other hand, is always in flux. This kind of culture is obsessed with the latest and greatest, the faddish and the trendy, and it reinvents itself every chance it gets.

What’s fascinating is that these two types of culture are both concerned with justice.


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