Humanity First Germany to establish and run an orphanage in Benin: A real service to Humanity!

A report from Humanity First Germany states:

We have received a plot of 1,4 Acres in Porto Novo, Benin, as a donation free of charge. The plan is to construct a orphanage with two floors. With the approval and prayers of our beloved Huzur (atba) we started the construction in the year of 2011. The name was given by beloved Huzur (atba): “Ahmadiyya Daroul Ikram”.


The building will be able to accommodate Approximately 150 children. 50 on the lower floor and 100 on the upper floor. The total costs of this building will be € 380.000,-. Alhamdulillah by the grace Of Allah we have finished the 1st Phase We only want to stay in this capacity during the first stage and gain experience through it. Once we have gained more experience we will start with the second phase of the construction and we also will accommodate more
children Insha´Allah.

For the 1st phase till now we invested € 250.000,- for the main building, annexe kitchen and the store room. For the surrounding wall and the furnitures we have to fund € 60.000,- . We are waiting for the last invoice and Insha’Allah after that we will be able to inaugurate the orphanage.

We are planning to start the work with 48 children which will be given to us by the government authorities; we will just focus on the first floor and get all the experience which is needed for our project. As soon as we have enough experience we will start with the second phase, Insha’Allah.

Mission Statement

• Providing a future for the orphans in Benin by providing shelter, security and
education and take care of their mental, physical and social health.
• The individual development of each child is of great importance; we are committed to each child to develop his or her talents.
• In the upbringing we apply the Islamic norms and values.
• When leaving the orphanage the child must be able to build an independent life.
Our norms and values based on Islamic teachings
• We respect each others faith.
• We treat each other with love and respect.
• We keep ourselves, our home and our environment clean.
• We do not fight, shout, scream, steal and truancy.
• We teach ways of good manners.

The house

The house consists of two wings; a wing for each gender. Each wing contains 4 bedrooms, 2 livings, 6 toilettes and 6 showers. Every bedroom gives space to six children and they will sleep in bunk beds, covered with mosquito nets. Every child has a shelf in the closet for his personal use (cloths, personal care, school attributes etc.).

The housing further comprises a (mess) hall, a meeting room, a staff kitchen, staff toilets and offices. There is also room for sewing machines and computers for the internal trainings.

The kitchen(s)

In the annexe we have located a kitchen, a store and an office. These spaces will be used by the cook, who is internally.

The garden

By the grace of Allah we have a lot of space around the house, but half of it we cannot use right now (swamp). We are planning to cultivate a fishpond.

Insha´Allah with the space which we can use, we are planning to make gardens for the children. Children from each (bed)room will get one place, enough to grow our own nourishment.

Further there will be a play ground, a soccer field and space for drying the wash.

The children
School is the main activity; they will all go to public schools nearby. After school the children make their homework under supervision and they help with daily tasks like cleaning, washing, taking care of their own garden etc. We will encourage them to follow internal trainings for computing, sewing, handicrafts and cooking. If the work is done there is of course also time
for relaxation; we provide them with possibilities like a playground, a soccer field and a library. Once a month we will organize an event.

On a regular base the development of each child is discussed by the mothers and the management.

The children are raised by mothers who are trained in counseling, first aid, hygiene and scheduling.

We promote contact between the children and their remaining family. Every month there is an opportunity for family members to visit them and under conditions it is possible for the children to visit them during holiday.
Please remember us in your prayers. May Allah enable us to fulfill this project according to the wishes of our beloved Huzur (atba).

Mohammad Athar Zubair
Humanity First Germany

For more information about Humanity First Germany projects and especially also this orphanage and for donations to the orphanage please visit Humanity First Germany’s website: or make a direct payment to:

Humanity First Deutschland
Frankfurter Volksbank eG
Konto: 500 284 676
BLZ: 501 900 00
IBAN: DE72501900000500284676


Please mention: “Benin Orphanage”.

(Remember that an orphanage will need constant funding for its daily expenses for years and years to come).

and at the end we request your kind prayers for:

– Ameer Sb Benin (Rana Farooq Ahmad), Chairman HF Benin (Bakari Moussiliou), their team and especially for Mr. Fahim and Mrs. Aresha Dieffenthaler who will run the house insha Allah.

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  1. Our Dutch brother Fahim Ahmad Diffenthaler and his wife are in the picture, I congratulate them as they are involved in this task. Allah bless them with more success as they are working hard for Jamaat.

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