Germany’s Bremen recognizes Islam as official religion

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With the approval of the agreement, Muslims gained a religious community status for the first time in the history of Germany.

Ahmadiyya Nasir Mosque, Bremen, Germany
Built in 2004

The federal state assembly of Bremen, the smallest of Germany’s 16 states, overwhelmingly approved an agreement signed between institutions representing the Islamic community and the Bremen government on Friday recognizing Islam as an official religion in the state, affording new rights to Muslims.

With the approval of the agreement, Muslims gained a religious community status for the first time in the history of Germany. In the vote on the agreement in the state assembly, 58 members voted in favor of it, eight voted against it and one abstained. The agreement guarantees the right to embrace and practice Islam, the protection of Muslim community properties, the approval of the construction of mosques with minarets and domes, the allotment of land for Muslim cemeteries, the supplying of halal food at prisons and hospitals, the recognition of Muslim holidays, Muslim representation in state institutions and several similar rights.


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  1. Hearty congratulations to all believers in the religion of Islam and especially the Ahmadiyya Muslims community of Islam-e-Ahmadiyyat and particularly on this great day of all days in the history of Bremen State Assembly, when this smallest of the 16 states of Federal Germany,decided to give official status to the religion of Islam. And what more, this happy decision has come to our notice through ‘TMT’ on the Friday, 25th of January, the happiest day for the whole mankind,the Birthday of the holy prophet of Islam, Hadhrat Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon Him, Ameen. Let all of us recite the holy ‘Darood Shareef’ on this august occasion in thankfulness to God Almighty.
    And what a good coincidence that this good news has also contains the beautiful picture of the Ahmadiyya Nasir Mosque, Bremen, and one is really pleased to see and feel its great grandness and it is really very inspiring and impressively built and I am sure this ‘view’ of the beautiful design and shape of the place of worship of God Almighty must have played its positive ‘visual’ role in making the Bremen Assembly pass the bill on Islam with a positive voting strength of 58 to 8. Alhamdolillah. This is really an impressive news coming out of Great Germany, in the first month of the New 2013 year, therefore, please, accept many many more, new year greetings and congratulations, once more and plz keep remembered all Ahmadis through out the world in your mid-night prayers,thanks.

  2. Congratulations to the Ahmadiyya community in Bremen and germany for getting the acceptance of Islam as official religion in Bremen. Now it is the duty of all muslims living in Bremen to prove that they are good Muslims and follower of The Great Prophet of Islam Mohammed PBUH. They have to prove that they are the best human living Bremen who cares for others , help the needy, who keeps their city clean and works for peace and harmony.

    Allah Bless us all.

  3. On this a great news we congratulate all the Muslims of the state in general and the the Ahmadiyya Muslims in particular.
    For this great news I congratulate also The Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. May Allah give him long healthy and prosperous life.

    Ibn e Omar

  4. Congratulations to the Ahmadiyya jamaat for their great representation of True Islam and bravo to the state of Bremen for this generous step.
    May Allah bless them all and may He bring people to Islam in droves, Ameen.

  5. Good for Germany and the State of Bremem! May God bless them on this just decision and may He enable the Muslims living there to show with their examples that this was the right decision.

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