‘Bible-burning fest’: Calls to set alight Malaysian Bibles for use of ‘Allah’ spark outrage

Russian TV: Leaflets inviting people to a “Bible-burning festival” have stirred outrage in Malaysia. This coincided with a nationalist group leader urging to “seize and burn” Malay-language Bibles, prompting calls for his prosecution.

The flyers, issued by a previously unknown group, promised mass Bible-burning in the Malaysian state of Penang on Sunday.  The incident has fueled the flames in an ongoing nationwide debate over the use of the word “Allah” for “God” in Jawi-scripted Christian holy texts.

“To Muslims who have copies of al-Kitab, bring them over to make our Bible-burning session merrier,” the text on the flyers said as published on Malaysiakini web portal. It added that the act should “teach them [Christians] a lesson.”

Such statements should be charged under various Malaysian Penal Code sections, including “incitement or abetment to commit criminal offence,” if not under the government’s Sedition Act, Malaysian Bar council president Lim Chee Wee said in a statement.


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  1. There should be no burning of the bible at all. Specially not for the reason that it contains the word ‘Allah’ in it. Those Muslims want to burn the word ‘Allah’!! What a bad idea!! It would be a foolish act.

  2. O Malaysian people be Generous and broadminded respect others and their religions as you expect that Quran should be respected by others, Burning of any Holy book is not a wisely act. Believe in One God Allah do not associate anyone to Him. Act on Quran teachings under the gauidance of the life and sayings of Prophet MohammedSW pbuh and his true Amam Mahdi and Massieha his Name is Mirza Ghulam Ahamd Qadiani.

  3. If these mindless people don’t like others burning the Holy Qur’an, then they should not do the same to others’ Holy Scriptures.

    In other words, ‘ Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’

    These so-called Muslims have truly forgotten Qur’anic teaching and the practice of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Yet, they are very enthusiastic about celebrating his birthday in this month. What irony!

    Hence, the need for the Promised Messiah whose teachings if they will only accept and follow would bring them back to the right path. But, alas! They don’t recognize him and continue following their own whims….

  4. If muslims in Pakistan can throw name of Allah & Muhammad(saw) in the gutter, then muslims in Malaysia can go astep ahead!
    Inna lillah !!
    What a worst bit of humans, indeed.

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