Pakistan’s Ahmadis and the threat of genocide

Global Legal Forum: By Yasser Latif Hamdani: LAHORE Jan 23, 2012: They are officially denounced by the state as heretics. Their places of worship are demolished.  Hardly a week goes by without one of them being murdered in cold blood.  Their children are expelled from schools. Even their dead are not spared. They are not allowed to bury their dead in a public cemetery and their special graveyards are desecrated by masked men.  The precipice at which the Ahmadis of Pakistan stand and the horrors that are likely to follow, however, are not unknown to the readers in the west, especially to the survivors of the Holocaust in Germany.

Ahmadis say they are Muslims and believe that their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who died 1908, was a subordinate prophet of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the founder of Islam. This most other Muslims sects believe is heresy and militates against the principle of the finality of Muhammad (PBUH)’s prophethood.  Ahmadis also interpret the Islamic concept of Jihad as a purely ethical and non-violent struggle to achieve goodness and distinguish it from harb (war) or qital (killing). Given that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad preached his message when the British were ruling India, many Sunni Muslims believe that Ahmad was working at the behest of the British. Despite this antagonism, Ahmadis were actively involved in the movement for the creation of a separate Muslim majority state which led to the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan. In the early years the community did quite well in the new state but in 1974, the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto passed a constitutional amendment declaring Ahmadis non-Muslims.


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  1. This person has very clear vision of what is happening. A compact analysis or an X-Ray of the situation.
    It shows education makes a difference.
    Sadly at present Pakistan’s literacy rate has fallen to 27 per cent, what used to be 87 per cent. Regrettably a huge decline.

    • Bold as he may be, still does not want to get into trouble with the law in Pakistan, where he lives and can be arrested to calling Ahmadi places of workshop as Mosques. Pakistan’s law and supreme court say that Islam is a trade mark only to be used by Muslims. Amazing

  2. It is an open fact that a planend genocide of Ahmdis is in Full Swing in Pakistan. If the Ahmdis are in the right religious path! And I am not only sure but this is my belief that they are in the right path. Then this Pakistan may Not remain in its present shape. Ahmadiyyat will Insha Allah Keep on progressing as usual and if the things do not change in Pakistan, in the near future, its definitely going to fade away in small States. Mukafate Ammal ka chakkar has already started. For Urdu Reeders their is very Good Book on the Subject available in the Jamaat Book Stalls at Rabwah, Lahore, London and Frankfurt. The title of the Book is Pakistan Shkasto Raikht Kay Dahanay Per, “KASUR WAR KAUN”

  3. He has very well elaborated the problems of Ahmadis in Pakistan and their favours that they contributed in the formation of Pakistan. He also highlighted them as peaceful and beneficial citizens. With a tactics of minimum provocation from the opposing party. It is a wise approach in a society where a single word of favour can cause you life and death situation.

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