Mali Conflict Opens New Front in War on Terror

Source: Spiegel

By Paul Hyacinthe Mben and Jan Puhl

French soldiers in Mali.ZoomFrench soldiers in Mali.

France has found early success in its fight against Islamist extremists in northern Mali. But Saharan terrorist groups have close ties and are prepared for a prolonged battle. The hostage crisis in Algeria shows that the new front in the war on terror could become a protracted conflict.


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  1. Through various print media sources, very oft voice raised that the terror threat should not be taken that easy or light by western powers. However, regrettably all the time deaf ear is paid to such voice. It is fact Islam being a living religion has built in potential for extreme motivation of its followers. Biggest threat comes if its real teachings are interpreted in wrong directions to motivate its followers. It leads then to the stage where one gets ready to sacrifice his/her life as suicide bomber. The bomber considers his/her act as true Islamic on the premise to be rewarded by God in his/her next life.

    Here is another paradox. Round about 74 sects of Islam claim the interpretation forwarded by each sect is real and right. Each has astonishing arguments also to supports its own view point. Setting aside all these differences it is common sense that real teachings of any religion never advocates atrocities or killings of innocents. As such all those Islamic groups propagating such acts on the name of Islam are on wrong path.

    A close analysis of current terrorist ideology points most of the fingers towards the Saudi Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. According to this ideology any one who does not accept the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam is infidel, liable to be killed and destroyed. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has extremely effective system of supplying money to export this ideology in different Muslim countries of the world. On various pretexts needy and greedy Muslim countries get trapped to this Saudi tactics of money. Many analysts have pointed out this Saudi phenomenon to world powerful countries but always received deaf ear to such analysis. After having almost been defeated in South Asian countries now Saudi Wahhabi ideology is turning its faces to poor African Muslim countries. Mali, Nigeria, Niger and Algeria all are on the hit lists of the Saudi Wahhabi Ideology.

    In case world powers want to eliminate the menace of Islamic terrorism then all have to actually diagnose the real problem. Real teachings of Islam has nothing to do with terrorism or extremism It spreads peace, love for all and hatred for none. Ahmaddiyya Muslim Community is an Islamic group trying to spread the real teachings of peaceful Islam. Efforts of this moderate and peaceful Islamic Group needs support and recognition if this menace of Islamic terrorism has to be curbed from this planet.

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