The divisions in Pakistan are fuelling genocide: The Story of Two Banners The sectarian culture of Pakistan has produced a deeply divided society in which noone is safe.

Protest against Hazara genocide in Pakistan, source: Mani Rana/Reuters
by S. Taalay AhmedThe image above, featured in newspapers around the world, is being shared online by alarmed, but perhaps unsurprised, members of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya community. The image should be one of hope, showing Pakistanis protesting against the genocide of the religious and ethnic Hazara minority. Instead, it has become another symbol of Pakistan’s despair.
While the banner at the front of the photo demands the government “stop the killing of innocent Shias in Pakistan”, on the top right of the photo is another banner, using the same colours and style of font. Draped – perhaps permanently – across a public wall, it describes Ahmadis as those who insult the prophet of Islam. Ironically, the same protesters demanding an end to the persecution of one religious minority stand untroubled by the persecution of another. 

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