Muslim Ladies invited at the inauragtion

ING Invited to Presidential Inauguration

In response to an invitation from the White House for the upcoming inauguration and in honor of President Obama’s work on bullying prevention, we are heading to Washington D.C. next Monday. Representing ING are our Affiliate leaders Shakila Ahmed, Zehra Wamiq, and Zulfat Suara, who will attend inaugural events, including the swearing-in, parade, and ball. What an honor!
We also recognize that this administration has made bullying a real priority in the national discourse through national conferences and convenings in which ING representatives participated, restatements of policies sent to school districts against bullying, and the launch of This is an issue close to ING’s heart, as we shared our own resources on bullying this last year for students, parents, and educators. We are comforted that the administration feels equally compelled to counter bullying in our schools.
ING Trustee and Affiliate Directors Attending Presidential Inauguration
(From left to right, Shakila Ahmed, Zehra Wamiq, Zulfat Suara, Sabahat Rafiq)
Shakila Ahmed is the director of the Talks and Tours program of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC). Zehra Wamiq is the Director of the Delaware Valley Speakers Bureau. Zulfat Suara is the Director of the American Muslim Advisory Council, based in Nashville, TN.
Also attending is ING Trustee Sabahat Rafiq, a lecturer on religion and politics in Pakistan as well as congressional delegate to the Democratic National Committee.
Shakila and Zehra will be livetweeting from the event, so be sure to follow us on Twitter next Monday!


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  1. Thank you Hanif & Zia.
    NO Pakistani’s comments.What a surprise.
    They cannot stand anything good about MY President.
    Un ko saunp soogh giya hai.

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