Would Jesus Buy an Automatic Assault Weapon?

Huff Post: by Charles Negy: One of the things that has always struck me about many Christians in the United States is the disconnect between their faith in Jesus and their personal behavior. One obvious example that rears its ugly head once a year is the whole enterprise of Christmas (no pun intended by the word, “enterprise”). Images come to mind of people lined up outside stores on Black Friday, competing with one another — sometimes quite aggressively — to grab alleged deals as stores pitch their products to materialistic consumers in the name of Christmas. This narcissistic orgy extends up until Christmas day, when thousands of people wake up enthusiastically to discover what gifts they have received, and then continues the following week as people flock stores to return the gifts that disappointed them.

If Jesus were alive today, he’d be amazed at how so many of his followers have perverted one of his main messages, which was to refrain from materialism (e.g., his “Give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar” comment).


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