Pakistan, Shia Genocide and 1974

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Majority of the Shia Muslims dying in Pakistan at the hands of takfiri terrorists, and most of those protesting against this ongoing genocide don’t know or remember 1974.
It was the first year of official takfir in Pakistan.
An elected parliament which consisted for some very vocal Shia politicians, under the guidance of a Shia prime minister allowed Sunni and Wahabi Mullah’s to amend the constitution to declare Ahmadis as non-Muslims. One can read the speech by Syed Abbas Hussain Gardezi in the proceedings which supposedly represented the Shia opinion on the matter. I do not believe Mr. Gardezi was representing the Shia Muslims of Pakistan. He, like most of his colleagues were politicians who ushered in the dark years without realizing it.
On 6th of August 1974, day 2 of the in-camera session, the Head of the Ahmadiyya community, Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad cited numerous examples of fatwas (edicts) of Kufr by various Muslim sects against each other. He argued that Parliament should not behave like a takfiri mullah as those demanding the 2nd amendment call each other kafir too.
During the cross-examination, Attorney General Yahya Bakhtiyar refused to accept that all other edicts of heresy had anything in common with the proposed 2nd amendment. According to him, all Muslim sects were unanimous in declaring Ahmadis as Non-Muslims while the edicts quoted by the Khalifatul Masih were individual opinions of one sect against another.

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  1. Shia politicians were duped into enmity against the Ahmadis in 1974 as Brelvis were duped by the Ahle Hadith Mullas (Muhammad Hussain batalavi and nazir Hussain dehlavi)against the Promised Messiah a.s. in 1891. The Ahle Hadith (wahhabis) who consider brelvis as infidels and polytheists made a fool of the Brelvis in 1891. The Brelvis thought they were doing a good job for the sake of Islam.

    Similarly, the Shias took part in declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslims in 1974. Now the Shias are suffering under the Deobandi takfiri maulvis. In 1974, their leaders were together in making law against Ahmadis.
    We feel so sorry about the Killing of those Shias. We Ahmadis do not support killing of any peaceful person of any faith.

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