Kashmir Deaths Invite India Muslim Fury

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Sunday, 13 January 2013 00:00
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Kashmir is divided into two parts and ruled by India and Pakistan, which have fought two of their three wars since the 1947 independence

NEW DELHI – The killing of two Indian troops in clashes with Pakistan on disputed borders of Kashmir has invited a storm of condemnations from Muslim scholars in the Hindu-majority country.

“Islam has recommended certain rules even during wars,” Razaullah Khan, president of the Millat Bedari Muhim Committee, told Indo-Asian News Service (IANS).

“The chopping of the heads of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani Army is against Islam.”

Four soldiers, including two Indian troops, were killed last week in the worst outbreak of violence between India and Pakistan in disputed Kashmir. Read more

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  1. From Indian Newspaper-Business Standard 15 January 2013

    —-Nor is the MoD keen to disturb the ceasefire; the Pakistan Army has shifted some 70,000 soldiers from the LoC to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, for counter terrorist operations in the tribal areas. If India turned on the heat seriously, an insecure Pakistan Army could move troops back to the LoC. Indian intelligence agencies also worry that an aggressive Indian response could cause the Pakistan Army to mend fences quickly with the jehadi groups they are currently fighting.

    But this logic has been ignored by large sections of the Indian media, which covered the incident in gory detail on the morning of January 9, even as there was deafening silence from the Pakistani press. After a full day of Pakistan-bashing on television, January 10 saw two Indian newspapers — The Hindu; and DNA (Daily News & Analysis) — prominently headline the news that the Pakistani attack in Mendhar was in response to an Indian attack in Uri the preceding Sunday, in which one Pakistani soldier was killed and another grievously injured in an attack on a Pakistani post. The article also stated that earlier Indian attacks on Pakistani posts on the LoC had been accompanied by the beheading of Pakistani soldiers.

    For many Indians, this revelation somewhat changed the complexion of the debate. From a dastardly sneak attack that involved the barbaric chopping off of Indian heads, the Pakistani action was now retaliation; and its barbarity viewed in the context of a wider barbarism on the LoC. But large sections of the media simply ignored the report, maintaining a relentless drumbeat for action against Pakistan.


  2. people – public and former military top brass, who are talking of “teaching” Pakistan a lesson should remember one very important aspect in mind. Pakistan today is not the Pakistan of 1965 or 1972. It has the 7th largest armed forces in the world, a formidable arsenal of missiles and more nuclear bombs than India. If things got out of hand, the consequences would be dire for both countries and the clock would be set back 500 years. Is that the progressive Indians want?

    Kind regards

    Bashy Quarishy

  3. @Bashy,

    Yea well said. Pakistan today is not the Pakistan of 1965. But India is still living in 1900s. Pakistan has 7th largest armed force. You are 100% right.

    And i admire your 100% fool proof research

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