Jordan: Man finds, returns JD320,000 ($450’000)

Petra | Jan 07, 2013 | JORDAN TIMES

ZARQA — A man on Monday found JD320,000 in a bag in Zarqa Governorate. Zarqa Police Department Director Brig. Gen. Mohammad Thaher said the man called a radio station and informed them about the money he had found.

He noted that the money was returned to three people who drive cash transport vehicles.

They had notified the police about the cash they had lost while transporting it from a local bank

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  1. This reminds me of a story, also happened in Amman, Jordan, some 15 years ago. My neighbour in Thailand, a business man and exporter, came to Jordan and sold some Thai export. He obtained 100’000 US$ in cash and went to a money exchanger. Somehow during the transaction the money went ‘lost’. One new employee had taken it and went home. – Police was contacted and at first without any result. After a couple of weeks the business man from Thailand sort of ‘gave up’ and went to the airport. At the airport the police told him that ‘my Director wants to speak to you’ – and they went into town. There the Director of Police handed to him 99’500$. It so happened that the employee went to his hometown and stayed with his uncle. After a few days he told his uncle what he did. His uncle said ‘no relative of mine is a thief’ and took him, with the remaining 99’500$ cash to the police station. The provincial police turned it over to the Headquarters. And no one was corrupt all the way!

  2. Masha’Allah good people are still there in this world. Allhamdulillah

    These are faith strengthening and inspiring happenings. AMny will learn from it. In Sha Allah.

    A nice share.

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