Kids need a dignified mother, not a society woman (by Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law)

Lauren Booth, broadcaster and journalist, who embraced Islam in 2010.

Friday 4 January 2013

Lauren Booth, broadcaster and journalist, is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, who converted to Islam in 2010. Here below is her journey to Islam and the heart-warming reaction of her family in this translated version of a recent interview:

I thank Allah for giving me the chance to spend a month with the greatest Muslims alive in this Ummah today.
At the end of Ramadan, I went to a family home in Rafa one of the poorest refugee camps in the poorest areas, of the over populated city in the entire world. I had iftar with a family there who had about 16 mats, which were used at night to sleep on. In the middle of this tent area the mother places the meal if she has any for her children to eat.

This lady greeted me at the door and it was as if she was welcoming me to the Taj Mahal not a hellhole in the Gaza strip. ”Sallam alaykum!” she says with a smile that lights up the whole area. I asked her: “What is it like in Rafa at Ramadan with very little food?” She said: ‘Alhamdulillah!’ with such joy I couldn’t help but smile. And as I sat there on the floor of this home eating what little leaves that they had; a bit of hummus, a pita bread that was our Iftar.
I got angry … really angry! I thought what is this God That makes hungry people even hungrier? What is this God Who creates a fast for the poorest of the oppressed people in the world. So, I turned to this sister and I said: “With all due respect I want to ask you, why does your God starve you in Ramadan? Why do you fast in Ramadan…sister, just explain to me?” This lady who never owned a handbag, whose children didn’t have, never had shoes. Whose children I was sitting with didn’t have pen or paper to do any drawings, she said to me: “Sister we fast in Ramadan to remember the poor.” And a key went to my heart and unlocked it.

But of course Islam wasn’t for me that was for somebody else so I put the thought of how great Islam was to one side and said so what I like the Palestinian people but it has nothing to do with Islam.

Then last year in Ramadan again I went to Iran as a journalist and I visited a mosque there, it’s the Bibi Fatima Mosque and I made wadu because I knew how to do it and I put on a shadur and I made a simple prayer: Allah … and I used the word Allah. “Allah, don’t give me anything. I have everything. Thank you for this journey, but Allah, don’t forget the people of Palestine.” …

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  1. Oh my God this is the best statement that I have ever read from a western lady. I salute her for coming to this conclusion.
    The ultimate reality and truth.An absolute solution to the immodesty and evil in the society.
    The depth in it can only be known who ponders over it with a sincere realistic consideration and strong observation in real life.
    God Bless her abundantly.Amen

    I wish all the women understood this message.

  2. Holy Prophet Mohammed was & is bestowed with the honour by ALLAH SWT as a mercy to the mankind.
    St.Barnabas depicted in his Gospel that Holy Jesus gave clear witness” The ALMIGHTY ALLAH
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    Glorify ALLAH SWT. Holy Quran bears no contradiction with science & as a result many scientis are accepting Islam.

  3. Dear Respected Brother, A Latif,
    Kindly be informed all educated Muslims do
    respect all original Holy Books sent to all
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    ALLAH SWT states that one day with ALLAH SWT is like 1000 earthly years, therefore probably
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    the earth may be 22 Million Years old & not 6000-10,000 years as Bible states.
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    Light with out Sun, Veg without Sun is not correct.
    Bibles stated The earth & Heaven has Pillers. Where? That Holy Jesus was crucified as a Lamb.
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    Therefore Bible had changed hands from Armamic to greek,Greek to other & English.
    Here I want to add: Athiests believe: They will
    die & mix with dust & there is no resurrection.
    Did we come to this earth to earn a living & die & never will meet our fathers mothers.
    Holy quran described how Men with Dogs took the shelter in a cave for the fear of Tyrent King.
    They slept for several hundred years & woke up
    & could not buy anything then again they asked ALMIGHTY GOD to keep them sleep until the day of Judgement. So Death is like sleep for honest Believers but evils & non believers suffering start from graves.
    Its becoming Mogrib time for prayer.I want to end hear by declaring that Islam stands by truth & Holy Quran contain the world of ALMIGHTY GOD & contains no contradiction with Science for
    ALMIGHTY GOD has given prudence to Scientists to
    discover many Godly Mystries with immense surprise & Many Scientists are accepting Islam. Thank You/

  4. I’ve left you a message at the ‘car burning’ article and till you educate yourself better, I have nothing more to say to you…

    My suggestion – start reading and educating yourself and THEN put your points across without sounding like a stuck record!

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