Why have they complicated Islam so much?

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How can you make complete use of the Holy Quran when you can’t touch it at certain times of the month when you’re ‘unclean’? PHOTO: REUTERS

If you had a step-by-step guide on how to build a bookshelf, you’d be silly not to use it before cutting your planks or handling your tools.

It would show you the most effective way to wield that saw, use a spirit level and, and hit those nails on the head and not yourself. It would be one of those well thumbed hands-on books, kept in a handy spot for easy reference where you can reach up and pull it down every time you need to check something.

So what’s all this about using the Holy Quran only when you’ve washed, shaved and picked your nose, and then not at certain times of the month when you’re ‘unclean’? If ever there was an instruction booklet, this is it ─ the ultimate DIY book, community bulletin board and hazard warning sign, all rolled into one. So why treat it like an artefact that mustn’t be handled?

I’m really not sure where all this stuff is coming from, except maybe it’s another great Western conspiracy (well, why can’t I join the conspiracy hunt? Everyone else is doing it) led by Zionists and the CIA, a bid to stop people from using the book as much as the book should be used. Ha!


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  1. I totally agree with you. A woman was just allowed to rest and not feel burden of praying, and recitation of the holy Quran, but not touching and not even coming near to this holy book it very much wrong ideas spread by ignorant people.
    I feel so much proud as a women that Allah almighty relaxed her with the obligation to pray for him.( a personal scarifies of Allah for giving comport women).I strongly believe everything which makes no sense (logic)is not the part of Islam at all.
    May Allah Bless us with his wise wisdom from the holy Book.

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