Story of a recent convert to Islam: Rohaan Law

Source: MKA USA.

My name is Rohaan Law and I am a recent convert to Islam-Ahmadiyya.   I came from a murky past mired with lots of bad company and a lot of vice.  I grew up in a loving family that is still predominantly Christian: a mom, dad and two sisters.  Before I found Ahmadiyyat I felt a drive towards the God professed through Christianity. What attracted me most to the Christian message were, the messianic qualities of Christ, described in the gospels.  These qualities were those of humility, and forbearance in the face of persecution against truth.

Despite the gains I received through some aspects of Christianity I was not able to reconcile certain parts of the creed, mainly that of the trinity theory, and atonement.  Ultimately through my experiences with Christianity I never witnessed the people who proclaimed salvation through Jesus (peace be on him) inculcating any real and lasting changes in themselves.  Nevertheless I did meet a lot of people who clung onto certain aspects of Christianity, and therefore improved their lifes in certain respects.  Still I myself, never witnessed a lasting message that could bring me from where I was, into the condition of the Righteous and God-fearing person I still aim to be.

When I met my brother who introduced me to Ahmadiyyat, I was a suffering person.  So thanks to God, I was gifted with the hand-out, ‘The Question of Suffering.”  This Brought a new light to the ‘Children of God,’ title used by Christians I have known, when referring to other believers in the Christian faith.  I interpreted this title to mean that mankind is the greatest recipient of God’s favors.  The implications of this handout, made sense of what plagued me through my time as a Christian; that being: how can so much suffering coexist under the watchful eye of a benevolent God.  The point that struck me and started me onto my path of inquiry into Ahmadiyyat and my eventual conversion was that suffering is essential for me as a child of God, and that this suffering is part of my trial to bring positive value to my life through the working of Good-deeds.  So after this introduction to Islam through this pamphlet, I proceeded to read, ‘The Philosophy and Teachings of Islam,’ by the Promised Messiah.  And was left in a state of perpetual bewilderment after my first reading of the Holy Qu’ran.  The inquiry culminated when I started learning Salat, and joining in some of the functions of the Ahmadiyyat Jamat, such as my first attendance of the Khudam  Ijtema.  It is only through the grace of God and directly experiencing the beauties of Islam, that I have come to develop a spiritual backbone, that keeps me facing forward.  Also by witnessing the compassionate demeanor and self-less dedication of Jamaat members and the bounty of Khilafit, I have come to accept Ahmadiyyat as God’s religion and the Promised Messiah, as the Messiah of latter days.

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  1. Rohaan Law you are no doubt lucky enough to find the ” Rohanni Khazain”. The God ( Allah Al-Mighty ) give you all happiness of this life and The life after.

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