How an anti-abortion push to redefine ‘person’ could hurt women’s rights

By Jessica Valenti, Published: October 28

A common message from anti-abortion activists is that “women deserve better than abortion.” Today, however, one branch of that movement is taking women down a notch with a new strategy that could prioritize the rights of fertilized eggs over the rights of the women carrying them.

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Categories: Women Rights

3 replies

  1. The Holy Quran says that it is unlawful to kill a child for the fear of poverty.
    At the same time, if a mother’s life is in danger, the mother’s life is to be preferred over the life of the unborn child, otherwise it is murder. (
    In addition, contraceptives are allowed..

  2. You are right. Life is so precious that the Holy Qur’an has set guidelines for individuals as well state to protect it as a duty and not to worry about their needs. Nature itself does regulate life when it is required to be done. The planet actually is very vast to accommodate human needs. We need to learn accommodation and uniform distribution of its resources in a fair and just manner.

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