This is the year of the sinners

Does one sin in the eyes of God or just those of the Maltese Church? That’s the million dollar question the majority of the Maltese people answered on May 28. Now that the referendum frenzy is over and the result has clearly shown that the feeling of the Maltese people is in favour of the introduction of a responsible divorce law, the next and final step is to pass this civil right through Parliament and enact it as a law.

Those who voted in favour had no fear whatsoever but only a heart packed with tolerance. But those who voted no (and it was something that fell within their rights) did have a degree of fear, even if they never will admit it in a million years. It was fear of sinning against their Church and, so they thought, against God. But last time I checked God is not fear but love. And what greater gift can we all give to one another if not the gift of love and a chance of happiness to those who were unfortunate enough to lose it the first time?

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  1. ‘year of the sinners’ reminds me when I asked a priest: “Why did God need to ‘sacrifice his one and only son for our sins’ when he could have just forgiven us?”

    The priest answered: “You know, when I was studying in the seminary to become a priest I had many sleepless nights about this very same question”.

    (I suggested to him to become Muslim, as Allah is The Merciful…) (He did not want to loose his present job / position…).

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