Non Means Non by Maureen Dowd (The NY Times – OP:ED)

In Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” an American writer clambers into a yellow vintage Peugeot every night and is transported back to hobnob with Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Picasso, Dali, Toulouse-Lautrec and Gertrude Stein in the shimmering movable feast. The star-struck aspiring novelist from Pasadena, played by Owen Wilson, gets to escape his tiresome fiancée and instead talk war and sex with Papa Hemingway, who barks “Have you ever shot a charging lion?” “Who wants to fight?” and “You box?”

Many Frenchmen — not to mention foundering neighbor, the crepuscular Casanova Silvio Berlusconi — may be longing to see that Peugeot time machine come around a cobblestone corner.

Some may yearn to return to a time when manly aggression was celebrated rather than suspected, especially after waking up Tuesday to see the remarkable front page of Libération — photos of six prominent French women in politics with the headline “Marre des machos,” or “Sick of machos.”

“Is this the end of the ordinary misogyny that weighs on French political life?” the paper asked, adding: “Tongues have become untied.”

In the wake of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal, as more Frenchwomen venture sexual harassment charges against elite men, the capital of seduction is reeling at the abrupt shift from can-can to can’t-can’t. Le Canard Enchaîné, a satirical weekly, still argues that “News always stops at the bedroom door,” but many French seem ready to bid adieu to the maxim.

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  1. While French politicians were too preoccupied to ban the Muslim veil in the name of women rights, they hid for decades the women rights abuses done by some of these same politicians. Now the real veil of their abuses is lifted! If they claim to be the champion of women rights, let them honor these rights by holding all culprits accountable for their crimes!

    The Muslim veil dignified women and prevented them to be treated as objects of pleasure. Now, it is clear from the recent abuses that are voiced by so many French women why France should reconsider lift ban on Muslim veil.

    The Islamic Veil –
    Women in Islam –

    • Very good coments. Papers are full of the information for their (politicians) crimes against woman and they claim to be the champions of woman rights. Its a “dajjal”. It also proves that the criminals feel a danger from Islam only.

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