Bank Indonesia orders 23 banks to suspend adding new prime clients

Bank Indonesia (BI) has officially ordered 23 banks to suspend the acceptance of new clients to premium service programs for one month, starting Monday.

The move follows revelations of alleged embezzlement by a former premium services provider at Citibank, senior relationship manager Melinda Dee, who allegedly siphoned billions of rupiah from clients’ accounts.

According to BI deputy governor of banking supervision Halim Alamsyah, the step was being taken to improve the quality of premium banking services and protection of clients, especially those listed in priority baking and wealth management programs.

“Bank Indonesia has ordered 23 banks with such services to temporarily suspend the acceptance of new clients for one month, starting Monday,” he said.

He added that services to already registered clients mat continue to take place as usual.

In the mean time, banks have been requested to “improve policies, standard operating procedures and internal supervision in efforts to improve the quality of services and client protection,” Halim said. Read more

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