Is there a Distortion campaigns against Syria

DAMASCUS- Misinformation and distortion campaigns against Syria by many TV Satellite Channels have been unleashed in different ways and means. Such campaigns, however, are never to weaken the Syrians nor to shake their strong convictions or morale.

Al-Jazeera Channel, for example, has been screening a photo for a man killed in Yemen incidents as a victim killed in Syria, a fire ablaze in Tunisia to be, as Al-Jazeera claims, in Daraa, Syria.

Other exposed media fabrications by ‘Al-Jazeera’ are related to so-called ‘eye witnesses’ who give contradictory information like, for example, ‘eye witness ‘Abo Ibrahim’ who said that he was in Daraa standing in a high place as to connect with Jordanian mobile phone network, narrating dramatically the inability to move from a place to another, while after a while, spoke of his movement from house to house. Read more

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  1. The misinformation mentioned in this article may be correct. This however does not mean that there is no killing of civilians. To call all News of violence misinformation is a misinformation in itself…

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