Only the minority promote the dissemination of Islam: says Prof Weismann

Arab world upheaval may soon determine whether Islam is a religion like all other creeds, or will continue to regard the rest of the world as inferior.

One of the questions looming in the wake of the current upheavals in the Arab world is the status and role of the Islamic movements in the involved countries, and what kind of role they might assume in the materializing new realities. With religious freedom having been kept under tight control by Bashar Assad’s and Hosni Mubarak’s regimes, Muslim movements are now slowly beginning to raise their heads – first and foremost in Egypt.

Is the West’s fear of radical Islam taking over parts of the Middle East founded? Might there be a hope for moderate Muslim movements to take the fore in the new constellations? Different perspectives on the region and Islam appear to result in different approaches.

“Would you consider the Muslim Brotherhood extreme?” challenged the head of Haifa University’s Jewish- Arab Center, Prof. Yitzhak Weismann, an expert on radical Islam and Islamic movements. Read more

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