These States Will Lose Billions If Their Illegal Immigrants Are Deported

Unauthorized immigrants made up 5.2% (about 8 million) of the U.S. workforce in 2010, according to a report from the American Immigration Council’s Strength In Diversity report. The same year, the American Immigration Council and American Progress estimated that deporting all unauthorized immigrants from the country and sealing the borders to future unauthorized immigration would “reduce […]

The threat within

REPORTS of an attempted coup in Bangladesh by serving and retired military officials in connivance with a banned Islamist group, Hizbut Tahrir, having been foiled by Bangladeshi authorities over the weekend is a reminder of the potentially catastrophic nexus between radical Islam and the armed forces in Pakistan too. The […]

Widespread support for burka ban, Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says TORONTO – A month after Canada banned Muslim women from covering their faces during citizenship ceremonies, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says policy has won widespread support. Speaking at a Muslim Canadian Congress event honouring his “courageous decision,” Mr. Kenney said polling shows that eight out of 10 […]

Peace Journalism: Giving peace a chance

By Tanja Aitamurto What if journalism was biased towards supporting world peace? That would be a radical shift from the current situation, in which journalism is focused on covering war and conflict. The concept of peace journalism emphasizes journalism as a constructive power towards a better world. The notion of […]